View Full Version : Ident Marking for SBR lowers is GTG

15 October 2011, 00:17
Ident did a good job but they were slow. If you have patience (and you must if you do anything NFA-related) and keep on them they will pull through.

I drew the logo in Illustrator and sent them the file. They sent me a proof and after I blessed it I sent in my lowers. About a month later they came back. I called a couple times and spoke to their friendly staff. Apparently they received a big order and had a machine down. I can't fault them for taking big contracts over my onsie-twosie lowers but still, a month is a little long for such a trivial project.

The total for 2 lowers was $144 ($65ea + $14 for return shipping) which I thought was reasonable. Overall I am pleased and I would use them again.

15 October 2011, 05:58
I've used Ident for engraving lowers and found them to be cheaper than Orion Arms, especially when you take into account cheaper shipping charges, and that Ident doesn't charge me sales tax. The NFA engraving I've had done usually takes about 10-14 days, which hasn't been a problem for me. I've never had any engraving done anywhere else, but my experience with Ident gives me no reason to consider going elsewhere for that kind of stuff.