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16 March 2008, 17:48
Does anyone know when th SKD Pig Rig will be available, and the price?

Todd Kramer
16 March 2008, 22:45
No word yet on pricing and availability. I will keep the site posted as I know more. I am watching this one.

17 March 2008, 05:14
Thanks for the info.

13 April 2008, 09:28
My friends video at the SHOT show regarding the SKD product



13 April 2008, 11:45
And now I know why he goes by MilspecMonkey.

15 April 2008, 13:28
I sent SKD an E-mail asking when the PIG plate carrier will be ready. They said it should be available in the summer.

27 September 2008, 14:24
Any updates on this? I don't see it listed anywhere.

3 October 2008, 06:08
Any updates on this? I don't see it listed anywhere.

I'll let you guys know when I receive my Pig Rigs to review.
SKD has been really busy moving to a larger Warehouse..
But the last communication between SKD and I about the PIG rig was about 2 months ago when I wrote a review on the SKD Dual Bungee Magazine retainers for the Wasatch..


9 October 2008, 10:49
I recieved an email stating that they are just waiting on eagle industries to complete the vests.

Go on their website and on the contact us link you will see a link that will notify you when a certain item is available.

22 November 2008, 18:54
Over dinner last night with Joe from SKD and Gene from HSGI we discussed the P.I.G. lineup among many other things.
From what I can reveal there are "Pre-Production" units being sent to real world users for T&E.
The PIG low profile chest rig I have to is a little different than the prototype from the SHOT 2008 Mlispec Monkey video.
More to come as I get the "Go" from SKD to reveal more..


23 November 2008, 05:51
That's good news. We'll be patiently waiting for the feed back.

23 November 2008, 06:22
Thanks, for the update.

26 December 2009, 19:47
Well folks (wiping sweat off of brow)... Here she is. We hope 13 months isn't too late for an update [BD]

It has been a long and arduous process, requiring half a dozen trips to Eagle, and a lot of standing around twiddling thumbs while they waded through their hundreds of OEM projects to get to us.

For full details on this baby- please click HERE (http://www.skdtac.com).

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a great 2010 to you and yours!

Your Friends at SKD

27 January 2010, 12:57
For anyone on the fence, the Pre-Order 10% discount ends on 1/31. Thanks!

27 January 2010, 13:14
Thanks SKD, didn't know you were here.

17 May 2010, 19:15

We finally have something substantive to post that will help with understanding some of the mystical features on the PIG PC.

Please visit our YouTube Channel to see the latest postings of PIG PC Instruction Videos (http://www.youtube.com/skdtac) on the different components that make up the PIG PC system. We will be adding more videos as they become available, so feel free to subscribe to stay on top of all the latest and greatest.

Also, you can follow us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/skdtactical) and Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/skdtac)- enjoy!

30 July 2010, 07:29
I will be out of the "office" until roughly 18 Aug 2010. I am taking my PIG PC with me though while I conduct some EBCR training and LFX's. So I'll post some pics of it in action. Well, I'll take some pics, and hopefully somebody at SKD can upload the pics. My computer knowledge is only slightly better than Derek Zoolander's. "Oh, the Files are in the computer?"


12 August 2011, 09:11
Any time frame on when you will have black g-hook d-rings in stock....thanks