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John Hwang
16 November 2011, 23:13
Adams Arms is now offering a lightweight gas system for the .625 lightweight barrels & .750 standard diameter barrels. Now more customers can enjoy a lighter system, no matter which barrel diameter they have, .625 or .750.

Prices are the same for either diameter.

http://album.weaponevolution.com/adams/a.jpg (http://adamsarms.net/)

Weighing approximately less than our current retro-fit gas block, this new lightweight gas block will make a noticeable difference on your AR upper.
If you are trying to accomplish some weight reduction on your current set up, combining this system with a lighter rail/handguard will definitely be the way to go.

http://album.weaponevolution.com/adams/b.jpg (http://adamsarms.net/)

The system features all of the high quality Adams Arms parts, already available in our current system, along with a minimized gas block for a sleeker look and lower weight.

http://album.weaponevolution.com/adams/c.jpg (http://adamsarms.net/)

This is still an end user install system and can be installed on any mil-spec AR upper with a .750 diameter barrel. There is no gunsmithing required and no permanent modifications needed.

Available in Carbine Length (Retails for $369), Mid Length (Retails for $376), and Rifle Length (Retails for $384), this system will be a great upgrade to any mil-spec AR upper.

This new .750 Lite system includes the following parts:

1 Gas Block (with 2 set screws)
1 Drive Rod (with spring and bushing)
1 Gas Plug
1 One Piece Bolt Carrier
1 Receiver Bushing
1 Bolt Spring
1 Dowel Rod (for installing the receiver bushing)
1 Installation DVD

Currently these systems are only available through one of our preferred dealers listed below.
This is the first run on a new product so supplies are limited. Get yours before they are gone!

Coleman Tyler sales@colemantyler.com
Elite Tactical Components cs@elitetacticalcomponents.com
Rainier Arms sales@rainierarms.com
Riflegear info@riflegear.com
Western Sport westernsportonline@gmail.com