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5.56 Five0
13 July 2007, 22:13
Lets get this party started!!!!!!!!!

13 July 2007, 23:24
Its getting there, but we are kicking around a few ideas that may have a large impact on things.

5.56 Five0
14 July 2007, 10:04
I know, there is NO need to rush things. Its nice to see the Partners column filling up too! My post was for the most part a joke. My spidey sense is telling me this is going to be a great site when it gets up and running full speed.

John Hwang
14 July 2007, 10:50
We want to make sure we aren't duplicating other gun boards as there are plenty of nice sites. We want to make sure we are offering something unique that the users will find useful. That will be the biggest challenge going forward but we are looking for more resources right now to help fill the content area.

15 July 2007, 19:01
Lookin good so far guys. Keep up the good work. I look fwd to all the great reviews and comments from real world users.

19 August 2007, 17:03
Iím looking forward to a community of professionalism! Stick knows my feelings on that subject! [:)]