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11 January 2012, 21:54
Where I work we are an 07/SOT Manufacturer, so I get to make cool stuff now and again. Last year, I had a customer who wanted a select-fire Saiga 12ga. Yes, it is a Post Sample, and therefore non-transferrable, but he is an SOT Dealer with an LE Demo letter, so all is good.
Starting with a stock S12, the barrel was cut to 12.5", and rethreaded. The gas system was shortened about 2". A basic AK FA FCG was used, with the bolt carrier modified to trip the auto sear. The charging handle was moved to the left side. Also, a custom set of sights was fabricated. I did an SBR just after for another customer, which was virtually the same but for the full auto capability. While we had no way to actually measure the rate of fire, it empties a 20rd drum in exactly 2 seconds running low brass bulk pack birdshot.
Some pics.

There is a 5min video on youtube that I made as a demo vid for the customer to see it run, it's open for public view.
Search "Gunfixr Select Fire Saiga".