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John Hwang
18 January 2012, 00:37
I had a chance to speak a little more to Bill & Amy Geissele about ALG Defense and the reasoning behind creating a separate company. There were 2 main reason. 1) They are going after different contracts and thought 2 companies would be better for clarification of products, etc. 2) The Geissele name is known as the premier trigger in the industry. They didn't want to confuse the customer who bought a "tuned" milspec trigger to think they were buying a highspeed Geissele match trigger. By creating ALG Defense, it clarifies the product lines and allows the customer to choose between affordability and AWESOMENESS. Bill is still hands on making the ALG Defense triggers but don't expect the feel of a Geissele match triggers that you are accustomed to.

If you want a great feeling "Tuned" milspec trigger, ALG defense is a great choice. I had an opportunity to feel a standard milspec trigger and a tuned ALG trigger and it was simply a no-brainer. (Tuned - starts off with a solid milspec trigger (same supplier as COLT, then contact areas are polished, & Geissele springs are used). If you want a great single stage trigger but don't want to spend $170 +, ALG is a great choice. Also, many LE departments won't allow for match triggers in their rigs but will allow other milspec triggers and will find the ALG defense triggers to fit that mold.

QMS (Quality Milspec Trigger) pictured below - $45. ACT (ALG Combat Trigger) is basically the same as the QMS with the nickle boron finish - $65.

18 January 2012, 07:35
That's something I'm looking forward to seeing. Hopefully they hit the market soon and I can grab one to try out.

18 January 2012, 10:43
John supplied you with the details, and ALG is taking orders this week, so these should be available very soon. Here are a couple more photos...





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18 January 2012, 11:40
That's a perfect niche!! I could swap out my trigger, but it can become an issue if the wrong person inspects my weapon at work. Nobody would notice this sort of change and I'm sure I'll notice the difference.


18 January 2012, 12:04
Good stepping stone as well for someone like myself who just can't drop $200 right now for the "Ferrari" trigger. Really looking forward to trying the ACT.

19 January 2012, 13:05
Looks like the perfect trigger for a KISS rifle when you don't want to hobble yourself with a stock trigger and don't want to drop the cash on a G-trigger. Got a build in mind that this will fit in perfectly.

22 January 2012, 14:38
I love this! A really great "stock" trigger!

Perfect answer to a lot of things, especially at the price.


23 January 2012, 20:18
If these become the standard trigger in the G&R LPKs and others, then I'd consider this mission accomplished.

24 January 2012, 13:07