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27 January 2012, 17:44
I think a lot of people know that Crye puts on an after hours race, and has for the past few years. The after hours events at SHOT are where a lot of the industry gets a chance to let loose for awhile, and escape the horrid grind of SHOT. I think more deals are done in the after hours events than during SHOT itself.

Anyway, the event this year was a 1980s redneck theme, complete with monster truck rides, food, liquid refreshments, and of course, the race itself. How do you get invited to such an exciting and exclusive event? I've noticed that being an attractive female in the industry seems to help, otherwise, you are at the mercy of knowing the right people.

I would like to thank Caleb for being such a great host once again, even when cars were flipped over and lit on fire, and couches were moved up into the bleachers.

Here are a few pictures of the race event itself.



27 January 2012, 17:45
Roll it like you stole it!



27 January 2012, 18:36
Well, I'm not a hot female, and I don't know the right people...but that looks like it was a frig'n blast!

28 January 2012, 14:39


31 January 2012, 19:25
Yeah it was a blast and the censored pics were great.

1 February 2012, 03:35
Yeah it was a blast and the censored pics were great.

C'mon, tac40! You have my e-mail address!

1 February 2012, 15:37
Nothing worse than having to push your own ride......


4 February 2012, 20:56
I saw the Winnebago do the warm up lap but never saw it race. I'd also like to see some of the GoPro helmet cam footage some of the drivers took.

My buddy Jeremy taking a little rest...
Forgive the crummy iPhone pics. I lugged my D3s around all day Tuesday and all I took pics of was that little cowboy midget ("Little Person" for the politically correct) running around SHOT. I left it at the hotel on Wed, wish I had it at the Crye races!

Stick, was that you with the Canon and the 70-200, next to the stands in front of the chickens (I hope I'm not intruding on PERSEC)?