View Full Version : IWC Mount-n-Slot TMC Picatinny Light Mount Review

12 February 2012, 23:56
So I became intrigued with the simplicity and sleekness of the IWC light mounts and decided to check one out. Just happened to see that they had the picatinny version on sale for $20 so I figured why not. This is my first IWC product, but they will likely see more of my business in the future. Just be advised this is the ejection-port-side version as I don't like having accessories on the left side of my weapons. It was mounted on a black MOE handguard (5 hole version) which is attached to a Noveske 10.5 basic upper and was mounted as far forward as possible.

First off the price was right, which is obviously a factor for most. No complaints there.

Second it came well packaged and included all the hardware and even an allen wrench, which in my opinion isn't a deal-breaker, but shows forethought on the part of the company and that is always a plus. The fasteners did not seem to be of low quality as some components come with. I hate nothing more than a low quality machine screw that strips out the first time you use it. These were good to go.

The finish quality of the mount itself was great. Of course it's not a complicated part but IWC did a good job regardless.

Install was as simple as it gets. Not much to explain here. The tabs on the inside of the handguard work fine and hold well. The tabs on the inside could be incorporated into a one-piece design, which would reduce the small parts number and perhaps be more solid, but this certainly isn't a necessity. The separate tabs can move independently and make up for any inconsistencies in the thicknesses or shapes of the handguards that are used.

The mount is about as "low-profile" as it gets. It of course sits flush on the top of the handguard and sits very close to the front sight post and where it extends out over the front of the handguard. It is possible that it could have been designed to sit closer to the front sight post, but this really isn't cause for concern. It is still very form-fitting and pleasing to the eye.

Although I didn't get the dial calipers out, the rail seems to be right on target with 1911 rail specs.

The Surefire X300 seemed to be the ideal candidate for use on this mount. I feel that there are better light mount options for mounting a G2, 6P, etc. when it comes to being "low profile". A G2 in the lowest mount I could find (old scope rings) still sat further from the centerline of the rifle than I preferred. A MOE rail section would place the X300 closer to the centerline as well, however, I like the higher placement of this particular mount (and most "scout" mounts).

No issues with mounting the X300 on the picatinny except for the fact that there was a slight interference with the bottom of the X300 and the MOE handguard. This was solved by giving the X300 a little bump and I don't think it's enough of an interference to cause an issue. I can't speak for other pistol lights, but I assume they would work as well.

The end placement of the light was good. I was able to reach the tabs on the X300 with the tip of my index finger when using a conventional grip and with my thumb with an over the top grip. I had to look very hard to find barrel shadow, but I am using a 10.5" barrel, so the light is very close to the end of the barrel. Using the X300, the front of the light is very close to being even with the base of the flash hider. This is using the first slot of picatinny. You could move it further back if you desired but would likely begin to increase barrel/fsb shadow and make null the point of putting a light in the "scout" position.

The mount is very smooth and all edges that are "touchable" are rounded and therefore it is very comfortable. The exception to this would be the edges of the picatinny on the rear, but that obviously can't be helped.

I think that's it for now with my first-hand experience, but I do believe that a tape switch light would be able to utilize this mount very effectively as well as it puts the light out of the way and it a nice position. And don't get me wrong, a typical light like a G2 would work just fine, it just will not sit quite as low. I believe this is why the newer IWC mounts incorporated new ways to mount those lights, but I am just guessing.

If you have any questions let me know, and I apologize for the hastily taken pictures. If any measurements/more pictures/etc are desired, let me know and I will oblige.