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10 March 2012, 15:25
Original SOE Gear Stacked M4/AK Micro Rig



This is the second micro rig that Iíve run from John Willisí Original SOE Gear. My first was the 12 Gauge Micro Rig. The concept behind the Micros is to provide the user with a capability of keeping a decent supply of ammunition on hand without taking up too much space while also allowing for some extra stowage. The 12 Gauge Micro carried shotgun shells in shotshell cards and had a large utility pouch. The Stacked M4 rig allows for the carrying of four M4 or similar sized mags, but replaces the large utility pouch with a detachable medic pouch. Like the 12 Gauge Micro, the Stacked Micro is minimalist gear and is intended to be a stripped down low profile package for the necessities. For the patrol officer or troop in a mounted role operating from a vehicle, it is a means to be ready for a quick dismount when time doesnít allow the individual to get jocked up. It is a quick way to take along extra ammunition and TEMS gear without having to hunt it down or attach mag pouch subloads. It can easily be placed over a plate carrier, soft armor, or simply directly over the chest. When space and weight are a concern, the Stacked Micro lets you keep things compact while not sacrificing capability.

The 12 Gauge and Stacked M4 Micro compro for size.

The Stacked Micro with a warbelt or duty belt provides for a dynamic support rig.

As with their other products Original SOE Gear uses 1000D nylon in the construction of the Stacked Micro, and the stitches are all heavy duty and the product is extremely robust as a result. It is available in a variety of colors from Multicam to black. The Stacked Micro Rig consists of two stacked mag pouches placed on the left side of the rig and a compact tear off medic pouch on the right sewn onto a base with a large document sleeve pocket. The mag pouches hold 4 30 round magazines in total, and have dual means of retention. The first is a set of bungee cords with Cordura pull tabs to hold the magazines in place. The second is Velcro pile sewn into the inside of the pouches. The user can apply Velcro hook patches to magazine bodies that will grab the pile inside the pouches and keep them secure. If desired, the bungee cords can easily be removed. Simply open the document pouch and untie the bungee cords and remove them.

The stacked magazine pouches with retention tabs in place.

Detail of the retention straps and the Velcro patches.

Inside of the document pouch showing the grommets and bungee cord ties.

The front of the mag pouches has PALS webbing loops for attaching extra pouches. The side of the mag pouch also has loops as well. The bottom of the mag pouches has two large elastic loops for a mini smoke grenade or distraction device. Any other similar sized item could be stowed there as well.

The large elastic loops on the bottom of the mag pouches.

On the front of the magazine pouches I attached a MilSpec Monkey flat admin pouch. I use this pouch to carry some small tools and SureFire ear pro, and the Velcro provides for the various moto patches, ID panels, and medic patches. I stow a Multitasker Tube Tool on the back of the pouch clipped into the PALS webbing. The webbing could also be used to secure a pistol mag pouch or any other type of small MOLLE gear. On the side of the mag pouches I attached a Benchmade 7 Hook. While EMT shears can be threaded into the webbing column, the shears were not very secure. A shear sheath could help in retaining the shears if needed. I simply like the rescue hook better.

http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a391/m24shooter/OSOE%20Stacked%20Micro%20Rig/420494_296675567054075_100001349030845_745092_1445 083607_n.jpg
The MilSpec Monkey admin pouch with Tube Tool tucked in behind. Moto and medic patches as well.


Benchmade 7 Hook in carrier.

Shears in the webbing column.

The detachable medic pouch is positioned on the right side of the rig. The pouch itself attaches with Velcro and is secured with a strap and SRB arrangement. Regardless of body color for the Micro rig, the medic pouch straps are in contrasting red nylon. The pouch itself is small enough to maintain the overall low profile configuration of the rig, but large enough to fully address the immediate medical needs. By being detachable, it lets the user remove the pouch for easier access to TEMS gear. The outside of the medic pouch has a PALS column for extra items as well. In my medic pouch I was able to fit a 15 Celox packet, QuickClot Combat Gauze, disposable scalpel, a TK4, gloves, NPA, angiocath, Sharpie, primed gauze, chemlight, Izzy bandage, and duct tape roll. On the outside of the medic pouch I secured a SOF Cat with some rubber bands.

The detachable medic pouch. Shown is the retention strap arrangement.

Velcro backing for the pouch.

Pouch opened up.

TK4 and compressed gauze removed to show contents underneath.

Contents of the pouch. A lot of items can fit in this pouch.

SOF Cat and rubber band arrangement.

As with the 12 Gauge Micro, there is no provision for carrying pistol mags. However, a pistol mag pouch could easily be mounted to the exterior of the mag pouch body as mentioned.

The base of the Micro has an internal bib-type document pocket that has two web pull tabs in the center for opening the pocket, which is secured by Velcro strips at the top. The opening for the pocket runs just about the entire length of the pocket. This is a common feature to this type of gear. This is a great place to put NFA paperwork for an SBR or can. It is roomy, spanning the entire inside of the Micro body. In mine I have a pair of Hyfins, an Otis sectional rod length, and small notebook. By keeping a pair of Hyfins in here, I can augment the limited space in the medic pouch.

Document pouch opened up.

The Hyfins in the document pouch.

The Stacked Micro is worn with two 1 1/2" nylon cross straps with side release buckles at both the top and side attachments. A 1" strap with two side release buckles secures the bottom of the Micro rig across the back. It is quite comfortable and easily adjusted to fit. There are no free web strap ends hanging around, with the bitter ends being sewn to the slider adjustment buckles. There is plenty of room on the straps to fit a large individual or over armor. If desired, the straps can be reconfigured to allow the Micro Rig to be carried as a bandoleer or bag under one arm by using just one of the large straps and the smaller strap across the body if needed. This modular capability is a very nice touch to the Stacked Micro. The rig can be easily worn over a plate carrier if needed, and use with soft armor is no problem at all.

The strap arrangement can be replaced with the sturdier OSOE H harness, which would allow for a hydro pouch to be carried as well. The use of both of these would obviously increase the weight and bulk of the Micro.

The Micro is about 9.75Ē wide and 6.25Ē tall.

The 12 Stacked Micro Rig is available from Original SOE Gear at:
The order process is probably a little different from what you're used to. To place an order follow this procedure. Place the item in the cart and go through the checkout process. OSOE will then contact you by email to let you know when your gear is ready and to arrange payment.

10 March 2012, 19:30
Here are some detail shots of the compact tear off medical pouch.

Relative sizes of an M4 mag and the pouch. For something this small and compact, it carries a lot.

SRB popped open and security strap opened up. The pouch is still held in place by the large Velcro square on the bib section.

The securing strap has plenty of room to allow the pouch to be stuffed with lots of TEMS gear. The end of the strap has a nice large loop that you can hook a finger in and really cinch the strap down tight.

Detail showing the top fold arrangements of the pouch. The inboard side of the pouch has webbing too. There are red pull tapes on the flaps so you always know what to pull next.

Pouch opened up to show storage arrangement. Several elastic keepers provide organization and security.

Detail of the main compartment. The large elastic keeper has plenty of room for large packets or bandages. One of the cover flaps has another elastic keeper.

The other cover flap has a large pocket. Perfect fit for the QC Combat Gauze.

12 March 2012, 07:54
Bungee pull tab retainers have been removed and Velcro patches attached to the PMAGs for retention. I like this so far.

Velcro patches on PMAG. I cut a section approximately 1.25"x.75" and then trimmed the corners down. Works well for keeping the mags in the pouches and doesn't require too much effort to pull them free.

15 March 2012, 14:44
Detail of elastic loops on underside of Micro.

SOF Cat tucked into loops. If you use the loops like this, make sure the thumbscrew isn't turned to the inside. It can dig into your ribs if you don't have armor on.


OSOE Stacked M4 Micro and Rainier schwag.

16 March 2012, 15:11
Front of the Micro over just a shirt. Compact, doesn't interfere with movement or shouldering.


The Micro and an HSGI SGPB. The Micro with a belt is very adaptable and able to fit most needs.


If hard armor is needed, the Micro is able to easily fit over a PC and work with a warbelt or duty belt.


24 March 2012, 12:41
Picked up the padded H harness for the Stacked Micro. More comfortable, and a few added capabilities.

H harness attached to the Stacked Micro. Plugs in just like the OEM straps, but much better fit and feel to them over the flat webbing.


Cross piece in the rear of the H harness is adjustable for width.

Vertical webbing has PALS loops for attaching a hydro pouch or other items. Left side has two large elastic loops for routing hydro tubes, comm wires, flex cuffs, or whatever.

Cross piece opened up for adjustment.

I'll add more to this as I work with the new harness.