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Todd Kramer
15 April 2008, 22:12
I am a huge fan of 2 pt. slings, I always have been. From carrying an old M16A2 in the early 90?s with a POS issued sling for a while to now my .375 H&H chasing moose, I have always liked the versatility and comfort of a 2 pt. sling.

A while ago I got one of the new Gear Sector GS-2Ps in Dark Earth to run on my Carbine. I have used the Gear Sector ASP sling on a few of my carbines and it is hands down the best single point sling on the market. There is a plethora of praise and information about this sling on the net so I will let your Google skills answer any questions you may have regarding the ASP as this review is about the GS-2P.

First off this sling is made of a very comfortable and very strong tubular webbing. The quality of construction is outstanding with reinforced and uniform stitching. All of the hardware is from ITW Nexus. Here are a few more specifics:

MIL-W-5625 1? tubular nylon webbing
MIL-VT-295 #69 bonded nylon thread
ITW GhillieTex? brand hardware
Double box stitch construction
Made in the USA!

There are several reviews/comments/forum posts out there regarding the comfort of this sling, the ease of adjustability and use of this sling. Since most of that has been stated I will not touch upon that very much. I wanted to do something a little different with this review. I wanted to push the GS-2P to failure or lack of failure. I was motivated by the excellent reviews/tests albeit lack of specific science of the Magpul PMAG. I figured I could mirror that in a way and use a few found items to test the GS-2P.

Just to get it out of the way I will throw in a quick plug for the adjustability and wear of this sling. It is VERY comfortable and when worn can be easily transitioned from behind the back to a firing position. You can also use the GS-2P to carry your rifle in a hands free position when needed.

Now on to a few different tests. 1? Mil-W-5625 webbing has a tensile strength of 4000 pounds. This webbing is not even close to a weak point on this sling and for that reason I really didn?t test this. I didn?t feel it was really necessary and the only ways I thought I could potentially put this to test all ended in my mind with me explaining to an ER Dr. that I was just doing a test on a sling and wasn?t really a stupid guy. If you get into a situation where the webbing of this sling fails you will have a whole lot more problems to contend with.

With the webbing out of the way the others parts to address are the construction and hardware. I decided to test the hardware next.

The first test was conducted at 36 degrees and involved my Ford F150 fishing truck. Not being too scientific I placed the sling on the my ice and snow covered driveway and ran over it about 20 times. Back and forth, back and forth. There was no evidence at all of failure and I really couldn?t even tell that the sling had even been under an undo stress. It looked great.




I took this sling to the range with plans to shoot one of the buckles but was scolded by a range official about not putting anything on a target. I will shoot it this summer while on a fishing trip to see how it does.

The next test was to hang my 215 pound body from the sling in my garage door opener and do a few pull ups and dead hangs to see if it would drop me. Nothing. The only thing that happened was I didn?t do as many pull-ups or hang for as long as I thought I would or could. Again there was no sign of any stress or failure of the sling what so ever.


I decided at this point to ratchet things up a notch and enlist the help of a friend. My friend is a 10.2 pound rock I found outside my garage. I taped one of the buckles to the rock and started to drop it on my cement garage floor onto the buckle. I started at 1 foot and worked all they way up to 5 feet before any problems occurred. After the 3rd 5-foot drop a chunk of the buckle broke off and cracked on one side. Now some of you may think that is weak or a problem. Some of you may be a little smarter then that and think?HOLY CRAP it survived that long? WOW!

With my 10 pound rock dropped from a height of 5ft. the momentum at impact is 5.0. Rock*feet/second, thus if the weight is stopped in about .01 seconds (by the floor) the force of impact is equal to that of a stationary 500lb weight. WOW! The buckle did not crack until the 5-foot drop or essentially 500 pounds hitting that sucker. Even after the crack the sling was serviceable and would support the rifle. I wasn?t going to hang from the garage door at this point though as I didn?t want to meet that ER Dr. mentioned earlier.





So to sum it all up along with this being a very comfortable and very versatile sling it is a heck of a lot stronger then it should be and a heck of a lot stronger then anything it will come up against aside from a 10 pound rock, a concrete floor and a guy wanting to break it. Grab this sling. You will be glad you did.

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16 April 2008, 05:56
Thanks, for a nice review.
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16 April 2008, 06:22
I love mine.
Jason sent me one along with some other goodies 2 days before I had 3 guns stolen from me.
I ended up getting My AR15 back and it now proudly wears a GS-2P.
Ive had the ASP for years, and did the T&E on the ASP-V.
I will continue to purchase slings from Jason because they are the most comfortable I have owned..



27 April 2008, 00:00
Will they attach to the SPRE?


27 April 2008, 12:13
Will they attach to the SPRE?

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27 April 2008, 12:34
Cool. I see a GS-2P in my near future....


3 May 2008, 01:07
Jasons slings are hands down my favorite.
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3 May 2008, 08:01
Will they attach to the SPRE?

Quite easily.


3 May 2008, 10:06
Very nice carbine! And a pretty good pic as well.


3 May 2008, 11:04
Thank you. I took the RediMag off today. I don't really like the extra weight/bulk. Might put it on my SDM pig build, or possibly on an A4.
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3 May 2008, 18:34
The Redimag looks good in theory, even possibly for something like competition shooting but seems like it would make the weapon off balance in any long term use. Actually that's a really nice pic, I just got used to Stick pics... which is unfair to most photographers.

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3 May 2008, 18:58
I work with an officer that shoots 3 gun, and he uses one for that. It didn't really throw the balance, it just added a lot of weight and made a large bump on the inboard side that had to be adapted to. Not what I wanted on a carbine.
And I'll never have pics like Stickman's.
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3 May 2008, 19:53
I work with an officer that shoots 3 gun, and he uses one for that. It didn't really throw the balance, it just added a lot of weight and made a large bump on the inboard side that had to be adapted to. Not what I wanted on a carbine.

I don't think I could get used to one either. In most cases you won't need a mag that fast. One thing that I haven't wasted money on...

And I'll never have pics like Stickman's.

No offense to anyone, but I haven't seen a pic equal to a Stick pic.

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