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29 April 2012, 22:12
I was recently contacted by Christian of Christian's Custom Kydex to do a review of one of his holsters. We agreed on a Glock 19 model, since that is what I typically carry off-duty.

Christian sent me photos of the holster while it was being produced, which was impressive to see the product take shape.


When I received the holster, I was pleasantly surprised in how sturdy and well finished the holster was. As soon as I tried it on I was also happy with how comfortable and concealable the holster was.

The belt loops are large enough to fit a typical riggers belt and there was enough curve to the holster that it fit to the side of my waist without causing the gun and holster to "print" on the outside of my shirt.


I have worn this holster on many occasions since I received it, many times for 12+ hours at a time. I had to keep checking to see if I was actually wearing the holster a few times because I almost forgot that I was wearing it.


So for right now, until I can find something that I like more, this will be my everyday (off-duty) carry holster. And though this is a fairly new company, I think that Christian's Custom Kydex deserves some attention.

Additionally, Christian made me some custom Kydex "skins" that can be attached to the outside of the holster to change the exterior color. Unfortunately, the "skins" did not make this batch of photos. I will attempt to get them added in the near future.

You can find Christian's Custom Kydex on the web at: http://www.christianscustomkydex.com/index.html

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