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21 July 2012, 14:42

29 July 2012, 08:09
great review, i find the p226 to be a very accurate gun.

29 July 2012, 18:06
They do shoot nicely.

29 July 2012, 22:57
You are very good on camera, especially if you are reading a script.

I almost bought a P226 as the balance is great. I compared it to a newer P229 which felt like a hi-point in comparison (top heavy) but then found a German P228 and had the same balance but a more concealable package.

I'm selling it now though as I was not able to unlearn my high this IPSC grip and find myself riding the slide release so it fails to lock on the last round.

Very accurate guns.

30 July 2012, 13:12
Thank you.

No scripts... I just turn the camera on and yammer about stuff -- making it up as I go along. If I wrote a script I would absolutely butcher things. [:D]

snake eater 332
5 August 2012, 14:49
Great video! Very well articulated and presented, especially since it's unscripted.

I'm a big Sig fan with a lot of trigger time behind the P226, having carried a 9mm Sig P226 (and now a .40S&W of same) as a LEO for the last 15+ years and having used the P226 on occasion during my prior military service in Army special operations. They are very accurate, solidly built, and mine have always reliably eaten any ammo I've fed it.