View Full Version : Let's See Your Well Used Range Hat

22 July 2012, 09:57
I posted this on Facebook and I though it might be kind of fun here.

I'm sure many of us wear hats at the range on a regular basis. I'm also betting that most of you are like me and have just a couple favorite hats that you wear almost exclusively.

This one has been one of my favorites for years mostly because I require a hat with a really low crown for it to look right on my head and not pass behind my ears, and this one fits like a glove.


As you can see, it's got sweat stains on top of sweat stains...which I think give it character.

Let's see some photos of your favorite range or tactical hats!

23 July 2012, 10:48
Yuck... I have a few hats like that. When humidity gets high here in the desert, I have to leave my formal hats at home.

24 July 2012, 00:22
My cool guy hat and my Notre Dame hat (it's been on every deployment and is now deemed lucky).


M. Gale
24 July 2012, 06:47

Carhartt Style A215... Best hat ever made (for hot weather)!

31 July 2012, 17:30


Shoot, work out, and run in this.

31 July 2012, 23:48
I am getting a new hat soon that will be my new range hat! Just won it here!