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18 August 2012, 22:04
Bought an HSGI Sure-Grip battle belt a few weeks ago and I love it. Its rugged, comfortable, and stays where it should. Now Iím looking for an addition to hold more rifle mags. I am looking for something that sits high enough on the chest to work in conjuction with my battle belt. I have looked through the standard sights at chest rig set-ups, M4C and here. I have a few Iíve been looking at and was wondering if anyone has any experience with any of them or suggestions.

Top contender is:
http://www.optactical.com/hsaosmchrig.html I like the minimalist and compactness of this rig. Again, I have several of their products and have been more the pleased with the quality and service.

The next one I am looking at is:
http://www.optactical.com/orsoepamwrli.html I like that it has a built-in admin pouch. My concerns are on the durability of the zipper and how the rig carries the weight of the mags. Will the two layers tend to sag when my mag pouches are fully loaded?

I am also looking at this one:
http://www.optactical.com/orsoepamirig.html Basically looks like just another one like the HSGI rig. Very minimalist.

The last one that caught my eye was this one:
http://www.optactical.com/higrgechrig.html I know nothing of the company. I canít seem to find much review-wise on the company or rig. The minimalist design appeals to me. I also like that the shoulder straps look padded. Would really appreciate some info on them. I donít want to mistakenly order some airsoft jumk.

The function of this rig will be mainly to carry 3-4 AR mags, maybe an extra pistol mag to use during some training from a friend of a marine friend of mine that seems to know his stuff. He's trained at DARC (on a side note, he's taking me to play opfor during a few training classes DARC has coming up. If you haven't heard of DARC look them up, especially over at lightfigher, they have some great AARs from some courses there. If everything goes good I might be able to get into a class in the future. ) Also a flashlight and knife/multitool maybe if I donít find room on my belt for it. I consider the belt my first line and carry a blowout kit on it as well as a dump pouch in the rear. So, any thoughts guys?

19 August 2012, 00:20
Have you looked at


I think this may be the one for you, I have this exact rig and it works perfect for me.

19 August 2012, 07:17
Check out the Mini MAV, $45:


19 August 2012, 13:04
I'm thinking I want an all molle rig since I have a number of extra tacos/pouches for it. I also don't like the idea of being tied down to any one configuration. I'll take a closer look at the suggestions and try to better evaluate my actual needs versus my perceived needs. Thanks guys for the help so far.

20 August 2012, 02:55
Until you figure out what configuration works for you, I'd suggest going all MOLLE so you can move things around. Once you've worked that out though, I'd buy a hard-stitched version as they are typically lighter and the connections stronger and less floppy.

15 October 2012, 15:38
Just an update because I hate when the op in threads like this doesn't let you know what they went with. I picked up the hsgi rig mainly because I got it for cheap off the EE on tos. I decided molle was my best bet for the reason rob stated. I put some double decker tacos on and it makes a great platform for back feeding my sure grip belt. Again, thanks for all the suggestions.