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9 September 2012, 17:17

SIONICS Weapon Systems is different from almost every other manufacturer. Our goal from the start has been to make top quality firearms for people that need to carry a firearm. With this in mind, we knew that we would have to do things a little different from the status quo. It is easy to talk about the specifications of our individual parts, but what really makes the difference is how we build and test our firearms. After all, each individual part is only that, an individual part. No matter how good a part may be, the finished product is no better than the weakest link.


Our focus at SIONICS is quality. While we have an established product line, we think of ourselves as a Custom Shop. There are no assembly lines or minimum wage workers. Each and every firearm that we produce is built by one of our Master
Gunsmiths. Furthermore, each firearm undergoes a 21 point quality control inspection. After passing our stringent standards, we transport our firearms to a range and test fire them to ensure reliability, function and accuracy. Only after all of these steps are complete, do we finalize our Quality Control Checklist and package the firearm for shipping.

SIONICS employs personnel with backgrounds in manufacturing, engineering and the firearms industry. All production and quality control is overseen by a recognized Master Gunsmith. Additionally, our staff includes retired and former members of the Military, Law Enforcement and Private Security.


The Barrel

11595E 41V50 Steel
5.56mm NATO Chamber
Hard Chrome Lining
X-Ray and MP Inspected

Our barrel blanks are made from MIL-B-11595E Certified (41V50 CMV) Steel. They are chambered and rifled to best suit the purpose of each particular barrel. The gas ports are properly sized. Our barrels are finished with hard chrome bores and chambers. After completing a Quality Control inspection of the raw blanks, each barrel is checked for proper headspacing, profile dimensions, gas port size and location. Muzzle Crowns are inspected under magnification. All SIONICS barrels receive a durable Manganese-Phosphate outer finish.

Our barrels are 100% X-Ray and Magnetic Particle inspected by an independent ANSI Certified facility. Feed ramps and chambers are lightly polished and if required, front sight bases are installed in a custom alignment fixture using hardened and
tapered cross pins. Every one of our barrels is test fired to ensure reliability, function and accuracy. Any barrel that does not pass every test and inspection is rejected.


The Bolt & Bolt Carrier

100% HPT & MPI
Shot Peened
Heavy Extractor Spring
Black Insert and O-Ring
Nickel PTFE Carrier

Our bolts are made by a current defense contractor from Carpenter 158 Steel. Our bolts are 100% high pressure tested and magnetic particle inspected. Each bolt is shot peened and comes with a heavy extractor spring, black spring insert and O-Ring.
Our bolt carriers are also manufactured by a current defense contractor. We only use M16 bolt carriers. The keys are checked for a flat fit before being installed and the bolts are side staked. Each carrier assembly is treated with a durable Nickel/PTFE plating which creates a permanently lubricious surface which eliminates the need for grease, oil or any wet lubrication.

The Trigger

Single-Stage Duty Trigger
Crisp 4.5 Pound Pull
Very Short-Positive Reset

Our triggers are precision cut, ground and polished from tool steel stock. The geometry allows for a short pull with a very crisp break and short, positive reset. The triggers are designed for law enforcement carry.

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