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7 May 2008, 07:51
I've been running 20 round PMAGs since 10/07, though the early ones were prototypes. Since then I've put thousands of rounds through the early magazines, mostly through basic carbines, but also through rifles, full auto, and suppressed weapons as well.

When the production mags came online, I found a few that had flashing on the follower, and had concern that they would bind. As it turns out, it wasn't an issue, but trimming the flashing did make me feel happier, and in my mind it was like I had almost improved on a Magpul product.

I'm currently doing a Test and Evaluation (T&E) on the new Charles Daly D-M4LE. In the course of this testing I have used the supplied magazine (USGI with Magpul enhanced follower), and it ran fine. However, I was more interested in running and gunning with the production 20 round PMAGs. Currently, I am sitting at 1570 rounds through the D-M4LE. Of that 1570 rounds, 1400+ of them are through the production 20 round PMAGs. There have been no malfunctions of any kind.

I'll fully admit that this is not the end all be all of tests, however it is enough to prove to me that the 20 round PMAGs are good to go for myself and those I work with on my department.

The 20 round PMAGs are easier to conceal, and easier to wear for those people who have a need for a second magazine on their belt. Below is a picture of a 20 round PMAG with Ranger Plate in a Bianchi pouch. While its not made directly for the PMAG, it works well without restriction, yet holds it securely.



7 May 2008, 08:29
Here is the D-M4LE reconfigured to wear the Magpul MIAD and CTR along with the 20 round PMAGs.


7 May 2008, 21:03
Okay. Where did you find the Bianchi pouch? My dealer can't find them listed.

Do you find the ranger plates to be helpful on the 20's? Having had no experience with them myself....

12 May 2008, 05:47
bump for answer

12 May 2008, 09:07
I don't have any of the paperwork on the pouch, I'll see if there is a number on the back that may give a stock listing or be of some use. The only thing I know about it is that its original design was as a 1911 quad mag pouch.

12 May 2008, 09:20
No info on the back other than the Bianchi tag.

12 May 2008, 10:12

I took your pictures and sent them to Bianchi. Hopefully they can identify it. It is not showing up in their catalog or on the webpage for Bianchi.

I'll let you know what I find out.

15 May 2008, 08:46
Did you ever get any info back?

16 May 2008, 04:14
A guy at the range last week had some of these 20 round PMags. I checked them out and they look really good.

I just wonder why the dust covers aren't compatible, not a major concern by any means, just a puzzler.

I was going to get some 20 round USGI mags for the bench gun I'm working on, but given the price of the 20 round PMags, going with the plastic fantastic seems like a no brainer. I'll need at least 10 of them :D

20 May 2008, 10:17
I have sent several emails to Bianchi, and even included the picture for an example. I have had no response to any of my emails.

The pouch does not appear on the Bianchi website. I wonder if it wasn't a limited time thing, or mayde an item that was discontinued.

23 May 2008, 19:51
I just wonder why the dust covers aren't compatible, not a major concern by any means, just a puzzler.

Magpul is supposed to be making covers to where they will fit both twenty and thirty round PMags.


23 May 2008, 20:20
I did a little slow fire today with the Charles Daly D-M4 that I'm evaluting along with twenty round PMags. The rifle shot well but I went to my range during the middle of the day. With no shade it's hot and pretty miserable for the shooter (me). All future slow fire will be conducted during cool morning hours. I used 55 grain Remington/UMC and as I said above it shot well but there is probably an ammo that the barrel "likes" a little more somewhere in my ammo stash. After I fired the final round the bolt catch engaged. I checked the chamber visually and released the bolt. I turned the rifle to where it was at about a seventy degree angle in relation to the ground. I pressed the magazine release button expecting it to disengage the mag and for the mag to hanging in the magazine well. I was surprised. Upon pressing the magazine release button the twenty round PMag shot out of the magazine well about two or three feet from the mag well.

This does follow my separate magazine well test that I performed earlier but have yet to correct and post on another board that gets the first posting of my T&E. So far the D-M4 and the twenty round PMag are working quite well together.


6 June 2008, 13:41
We're SOL on the bianchi pouch....

This is a discontinued product and unfortunately we have no way of knowing who might have one. You may want to try e-bay. I hear a lot of people find discontinued Bianchi product that way.

Cindy Peterson
Account Coordinator
Bianchi International
BAE Systems Products Group
(951) 676-5621 ext. 190
please note my new email address: cindy.peterson@BAESystems.com

7 June 2008, 19:13
I'm just back from the range and I tried another couple loads with the D-M4 and the PMags. This was for general or tactical accuracy and again the performance of the loads I used surprised me. First up was .223 55gr TAP (FPD) it performed good but not excellent like I expected. Please include some user error in these accuracy results. It is definitely minute of bad guy and with a better marksman definitely sub-MOB.

The other load was a load I took just for giggles and did not expect any accuracy at all. It was an HSM 75 grain 5.56 Tactical round. I expected to miss the target with the 75 grain bullet in a 1:9" twist barrel. The first two groups were really good. The third group was off a little due to my moving while I was waiting for the wind to lull. The first round from the last group was in with the other two groups. The others were off due to user error. This gun keeps surprising me in good ways.

The PMags don't really need mentioning as they performed as always do, perfectly.


7 June 2008, 20:58

You are probably aware of these mag pouches, but just in case...