View Full Version : Magpul Modular Sling Adaptor Review

15 July 2007, 18:32
A few thoughts on the newly released Magpul Modular Sling Adaptor (MMSA).

1. Its well engineered. I know that a lot of people can't get excited over a sling mount, and thats fine, but it doesn't change that subtleties are still highly important. The angle, how it lays against the weapon, and how low it sits are all examples. Even on my preproduction version, there are no sharp edges or rough spots.

2. Its a heavy duty piece. That again won't mean much to some people, because there certainly hasn't been a large amount of single point sling mounts breaking lately, at least not that I've heard of. However if you look at your carbine as a weapon, and not simply as a "gun", then you probably aren't willing to throw cheap stamped gear on your weapon and hope it won't fail. Parts break, and they tend to break at the worst possible time. Not an issue here.

3. Its modular in its ability to go back and forth between a webbing style mount, and a snap hook style mount. For guys who change slings around, its nice to know you don't have to pull the tube and monkey around with the receiver extension and staking.

4. Last for now, but the most exciting in my mind is how the MMSA locks together. More than simply being another end plate, it runs a allen head set screw underneath which locks into place against the castle nut. Thats right, it locks itself into place, and self stakes. To me, thats a big deal as I have seen buffer tube/ receiver extensions come loose in courses due to weak or nonexistent staking jobs.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the new Magpul Modular Sling Adaptor (MMSA). I'll continue to run my early preproduction model, but I'll be picking up a new one as well for an upcoming build.