View Full Version : XS Products Drum Magazine Challenge

John Hwang
29 September 2012, 12:26

29 September 2012, 13:22
I'll take my 30 rounds mags with no misfeeds (see @ 41 seconds). 4 misfeeds in a row isn't a good promotional video.
No disrespect to XS-Products, I applaud the effort.

John Hwang
29 September 2012, 13:41
It wasn't a video made by XS but one of their customers. The failure may be coming from a suppressed SBR that's dirty from what I can tell. The XS products mags I've been using have all run great.

30 September 2012, 08:40
Good to know John, I loved the idea when I saw them but I consider reliability a primary concern.
I can't even count how many times I have sold a "superior" component because it wasn't as reliable as my "less cool" alternative.