View Full Version : Seekins Bolt Catch & Trigger Guard

3 October 2012, 18:10
Recently, I decided to put together another lower. While purchasing parts, I came across the Seekins Precision Billet Trigger guard and bolt catch. Now, normally, items like this wouldn't interest me, but since it was going to be more of a "fun" build, I figured I'd give these a try.

Personally, I feel Seekins caters more to the fit and finish crowd, which I am not a part of. Most of my weapons are not pretty. However, Seekins does superb machining, why not put it through some hard use and nick it up a bit. Let's see if this works as well as it looks.

First Impressions:

Both parts seem like your standard bolt catch and trigger guard. As expected the machining on these parts are very nice. When running your hand over them, there are no sharp edges, and nothing gets caught up. It just feels like a quality part. The bolt catch does have a noticeably larger surface area than your standard mil-spec bolt catch. The trigger guard does not seem to provide any more space than your standard Magpul MOE guard.

From the packaging, the bolt catch features a diamond texture for positive engagment. It's made from "tool steel" and melonite coated.

The trigger guard is made from 6061 Billet Aluminum and coated with Type III hardcoat anodization.


MSRP on both items are $18.99. I paid just slightly less at Rainier Arms with the LE discount. I will update this post once I get them installed and into some heavy use.