View Full Version : Weapon Evolution's Facebook Page hits 7,000 Fans!

19 October 2012, 09:54

I am happy to announce that we have hit 7,000 "Likes" on our Facebook page.

Page here: https://www.facebook.com/WeaponEvolution

I would like to publicly state here on the forum, Thank you. Thank you to all of our members who have checked in with us on a regular basis, provided great reviews and discussions and thank you to all of the sponsors and manufacturers who have supported us along the way.

Our sponsors are along the left side of the page, but I will list them here:

Bravo Company USA
Rainier Arms
SKD Tactical
AIM Surplus
Primary Arms
Warrior Arms
Daniel Defense
Midwest Industries
Gear Sector
American Defense Manufacturing
Bravo Company Manufacturing
Wilson Combat
Magna-Matic Defense
Mega Arms
Battle Comp Enterprises
Elzetta Design
Battle Arms Development
Samson Manufacturing
Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF)
Lancer Systems
Apex Tactical