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30 November 2012, 16:55
I have been looking to switch to AIWB carry from my 4:30 carry position I currently use. I have been carrying a shield there for about 3 months and happy with it, I saw the benefits and was ready to make the switch. The problem was I carry a M&P9 FS with RMR and TLR-3.

I wasnt ready to give up the light, I think its a little crazy to carry without a WML (I carry a handheld too)

Anyway, after contacting a few well known holster makers and getting varied responses from No, Yes - but not for 3 months, your crazy, well try, etc I called Tony at Secret City.

I have been carrying one of his holsters at 4:30 for about 18 months now and am very happy with it, its the best holster ive ever owned. He agreed to make me a one off. We exchanged some drawings, thoughts, and ideas. 2 Weeks later and this shows up.

It came with soft loops (At my request), but I decided to swap to Comptac overhooks, which I have used on my EDC fixed blade, and 4:30 Secret City holster for a while and like very much. So I installed those and off we went.

The wide overhook spacing gives it excellent stability. I adjusted the hooks to get the gun as low as I could while 1. Still bend over and touch my toes without the holster digging into my leg and 2. Still allow a full grip when drawing.

Its ridiculously comfortable, I havent worn it for a really long car ride, but I believe it will be more comfortable than my 4:30 holster.

Retention is perfect for AIWB (At least I think), there are no sharp edges or corners that would bind or put pressure on my thighs.

The craftsmanship is incredible, as is all of his work I have seen.

I did some dry fire drills and my presentation is definitely faster. I need to run some drills with it agaisnt my current PR benchmark times to see how it improves my first shot times.

I know there was a period of time that SCW's business was lagging, but it looks like he is getting it back on track, getting better order management and communications and keeping high quality and QC.

I will update this thread once I get some good time with it and see how I like it long term, but the initial outlook is good.

Ignore the different color overhooks, I had to scalp them off my other holster and ran out of black...

Bottom of the holster showing the nice curves and smooth radii

My EDC gun in the holster, retention is great.

Alongside my SCW Custom Y-12. Its not retired yet, I still use it (A copy of it) OWB for carbine classes and some training. 80% of my training will be from AIWB concealed now.

And how it sits at my belt line, very stable and perfect ride height.

30 November 2012, 19:32
Excellent review; thank you for sharing it with us. The thought at first the whole kit n' caboodle would be rather bulky to carry AIWB, but it doesn't appear to be at all. If you don't mind, please post a picture with the covering garment over the holstered gun.

30 November 2012, 20:05
Sure, see below. Printing circled in red, I don't think its visible at all, if you bend backwards it prints more, but the entire setup is very comfortable.

Also, as an FYI, I know people have had varying success with getting timely orders from SCW, so please do your research and make your own decision with them. I have had nothing but great CS and no issues.


Red shows slight print area, garment is lightweight T-Shirt.


Looking down on it.

30 November 2012, 21:16
Thank you. Interesting stippling pattern on your M&P.

30 November 2012, 23:29
Thank you. Interesting stippling pattern on your M&P.

Agreed, that stippling looks awesome!

1 December 2012, 05:07
Thanks, I did the stippling myself. Just took a larger wood burning bit, flattened the end, and then profiled to a triangle, I like it a lot.

My two carry pistols and 2 of the 3 pistols I own (The other being a shield for Gym Shorts Carry)