View Full Version : SureFire SOCOM Suppressors Video Series - episode 1

John Hwang
30 November 2012, 18:26
See why the Surefire SOCOM Suppressors were the winning choice. Just an intro video but many more to follow.


1 December 2012, 22:49
I haven't kept up with these new suppressors for a couple months now. Are they releasing new muzzle devices for these soon as has been previously mentioned?

5 December 2012, 00:42
The new three prong flash hiders for the SOCOM suppressors are available, but can be hard to find as demand for these suppressors is so high.

I managed to snag one of the mounts myself, and put in the paperwork for a SOCOM can myself. Luckily, the place I purchased the can from (West Coast Armory) also has an indoor range so I can test fire and record video during the estimated 5 month wait!