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17 January 2013, 21:16
Magpul had a few new things at this years show.

1st up -- a new color called "Urban Gray"


17 January 2013, 21:32
Next up...a new stock and grip:

The fixed stock is designed to go over a carbine buffer tube and will be the least expensive in the Magpul line-up with an MSRP of $49. It comes with two options for the piece that goes directly behind the castle nut. The one in the photo below, which allows for use with the Magpul ASAP, and a second one (not pictured) that doesn't have the notched out portion.

The new grip is the K2 -- it has more of a back strap than the first Kgrip, but keeps the more "upright" angle for wrist relief when using an "elbow in" technique.


17 January 2013, 21:44
Magpul is getting into AK's now too with anther new grip. I've never been a huge AK fan mainly because of the ergonomics. This grip feels a lot less awkward than any other AK grip I've tried.


Wondering Beard
19 January 2013, 10:58
What is the length of the fixed stock?

From the photo, it looks like it would be equivalent to the LOP of a collapsible stock pulled to about the third notch and thus quite a bit shorter than Magpul's other fixed stock., or am I seeing things wrong?

19 January 2013, 13:58
Magpul VW Bus