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21 January 2013, 10:33
Greetings to all. I am new to this forum and recently found it existed! I recently received my Colt SBR (11.5") but want to remove the front sight/gas block and install some type of a flip up style sight with integrated gas block. This is my first SBR and I do not know/understand if the shortened barrel length changes what gas blocks I can use. The gas system length on the SBR looks to be the same as it is on my RRA carbine, but I don't really feel like ruining this rifle by doing something stupid. I plan on installing a Daniel Defense Lite AR rail on this also (if I can find one), if that makes any difference in the overall equation. Any input would be most appreciated. Thanks you.

21 January 2013, 11:24
I can't think of any specific function issues that would result from changing the gas bock. The gas pressure (unless you were to install an adjustable gas block) is determined by the port in the barrel.

May I ask why you want to install the flip up sight/gas block combination? It doesn't seem that you will be gaining anything, unless you just love the look. Have you considered a lo pro gas block with a rail mounted/integrated flip up sight? Unless you want to go that route for a longer hand guard. I wouldn't mess with the FSB.

21 January 2013, 14:22
The primary reason why I want to do this is to get the front sight post out of my field of view when using my EO Tech. I do like the look as well, but it's more of a functional thing for me. Sounds like you're suggesting, if I do this, is to get a longer rail (9" maybe?) and mount a flip up front sight on the rail and use a low profile gas block.

21 January 2013, 16:59
I think if I were going to the trouble of removing the FSB, I would go lo pro with a longer hand guard.

I have a 10" Lite on a 12.5" and it's a comfortable length. Consider the 10" Centurion as well.

21 January 2013, 17:12
I would cut down the stock FSB and install a free-float handguard over top of it. That way you're getting some extra benefit besides just the flip-up sight. I think you'll find after time that the front sight is a non-issue if you focus on the target like you should be, but the Eotech is mounted pretty low (depending on model) so the FSB can be more distracting. I'd take a look at the Centurion 9.0 if you want 4 full rails, or the Noveske NSR. Other choices would include a Daniel Defense. I wouldn't go longer than 10.0, but an 11.0 will work.

25 January 2013, 19:39
Thanks to all who responded. I appreciate all of your input!