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Armor Guy
3 February 2013, 14:10
Hey guys,

I work for the company Armor Express out of Central Lake, MI. The CEO is Richard Davis' son so they've been in the armor business a LONG time all things considered. At this years SHOT Show they released a high speed action sequence demonstrating the flexibility, scalability, and ergonomics of their latest tactical vest, the Lighthawk XT. I think the film is great - a breath of fresh air from standard ads, and I wanted to share it:


I started it a bit further into the film to get right to the action - the beginning explains essentially what I explained above - level IIIA armor was worn by each operator, including the parkour guys the entire time.

Let me know what you think. Like I said, I work for the company, so I might be a bit partial - either way, I think it is good stuff worth sharing.

3 February 2013, 20:41
That is a crazy video...more like a foot pursuit from hell. Not going to dispute the tactics of the video since that is not the point of the video, but after a couple mile K9 track today, I am very appreciative of having as lightweight gear as possible. Welcome to Weapon Evolution.