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23 June 2008, 19:38
I am building an AR flat top for 3 gun shooting and need glass. I wanted to go with a red dot but I'm getting older and might need a bit of magnification what do you think. Some kind of varible zoom scope, or one of those 3 x magnifiers for a red dot?

23 June 2008, 23:24
GotM4 should be able to help when he passes through as he does the 3-gun competitions.


24 June 2008, 10:34
It really boils down to what distances you'll be shooting the most. If 50yds and under I'd say go with a red dot optic like an Aimpoint, EOTech etc. If 0-300yds I'd go for a low powered variable scope like a 1-3x, 1-4x, 1-5x etc. I use a Leupold Vari-X III 1.5-5x and typically shoot matches that go to 300yds. Some guys use fixed power ACOGs (4x). I'll be shooting a match in NC in July where we may be shooting past 400yds. I'll likely switch optics just for that match to a 3-9x or 4-12x Leupold.

One of the really hot ticket scopes in 3gun right now is the MeOpta 1-4x K-dot.

Here's what my rifle looks like.

24 June 2008, 16:40
Where are you planning to shoot in NC? Would it be the CTI? Or that match down in Fayetteville? I know you have to shoot a long way in that one.

Could you post a link to a Source of supply for those scopes? Thanks.