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18 April 2013, 16:23
Hey all, I'm looking for a recommendation for concealed ballistic vests that can be worn under a uniform shirt. I'm a night shift paramedic in Wilmington, NC. The agency I work for does not have any ballistic vests available and are sitting on their hands about getting employees sized and ordering new vests. In lieu of recent events where first responders have been attacked I have decided to take my safety into my own hands and purchase a vest with my own funds.

I don't have much knowledge in this area and am looking for some advice. I don't want to spend a fortune but I am not trying to cut corners in protection to save a few bucks either. I need a concealed vest to be worn under a uniform shirt and mobility is important but I would like something that offers front, back, and preferably side protection as well from edged weapon/stabbing, most pistol rounds and popular rifle rounds (.223/5.56, and 7.62). Not sure if that level of protection is available in a concealed unit that would not be extremely bulky but let me know what you guys recommend.



Jack Kardic
19 April 2013, 06:19
Given your requirements, rifle protection is pretty much out. Also, adding stab resistance to a bullet resistant vest makes it stiffer. Given your line of work the stab resistance is probably a good thing to add, just be aware that it will make the vest a little less flexible.

Here (https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/223054.pdf) is a link to the armor rating standards. In short, IIa is the lightest and most flexible and is tested with 9mm and .40 S&W at handgun velocities. Level II is tested with 9mm at SMG velocities and .357 Mag. IIIa is .357 Sig and .44 Mag. While there are soft armor systems that can stop rifle rounds, they are significantly bulkier than the aforementioned classes and not considered concealable.

I hoped that helped as general information. Good luck.