View Full Version : Short Barreled Rifle?

3 July 2008, 04:25
so what is the procedure for buying a SBR? do u have to contact the BATE first or buy the rifle and take care of all the paperwork at the gun shop?

3 July 2008, 10:12
You need to contact the BATF first. I believe you need a Form 1 first.


3 July 2008, 13:26
Go to ATF website, and you can print out their form from there.

3 July 2008, 13:50
If you want to buy one, find a good dealer. They can provide everything for you.

If you want to build one, I think there's a FAQ thread on the SBR process on AR15.com.

Simpley having the BATF send you forms will do nothing for you. You need to have a plan before you know what forms you need. You need to decide if you will do an individual transfer (which will mean a local L.E. sign off, and finger prints) or go the Revocable Living Trust route.

25 July 2008, 20:25
It is better to buy a receiver from your dealer, then do the Form 1 yourself. If you buy a registered SBR from the dealer, he will charge you his fee to do the transfer, usualy $50 to $100 plus the $200 stamp, plus fingerprinting and passport photos(in duplicate). Do it your self and cut out the dealer fees.

I learned how to do it at -AR15.com, Armory, Class 3 Firearms T.D.-. Some knowlageble people there.

Maybe there is a thread here too? I'm new around here so I'm not sure yet.