View Full Version : 7.62 Suppressor on SCAR H & L…?

26 May 2013, 09:30
Okay gents,

I've done a bunch of reading, and here's my conundrum:

I have a SCAR H, and a SCAR-L (10" SBR), and several other rifles…

All of my rifles are outfitted with Surefire QD brakes, and I absolutely ADORE them (I put em even on with the Bennie-cooley for keeping that muzzle level)… but as you all know, Surefire cans are on the pricey end, and along the way, my competitive habits have made saving up for cans take longer than desired… meaning all of my brakes are the "old" style (non-SOCOM)…

My original plan was to buy a surefire 7.62 can (which I could also use on at least one of my 5.56 rifles until I could afford to buy a surefire 5.56 can).

That being said, I've waited too long, and now Surefire's SOCOM series is their focus, so either I:

a). Find and buy the older style in 7.62 and 5.56 before the supply dries up (I see marriage counseling in the future) -- no, I'm not independently wealthy, it would involve a credit card which I'd be lucky to pay off by the time my stamps came through….

b). Learn finally that procrastination has its drawbacks & press on with a 7.62 SOCOM and buy new muzzle hardware for everything...


c). Toss my pipe-dream of owning several Surefire cans aside and go with a different (cheaper) brand, and potentially own two cans and new muzzle hardware for the price of just one of the surefire cans because I probably wouldn't notice the difference anyway? Are they really (I mean…really) worth the extra cost? FWIW, I'm eligible for Surefire's military discount (20% I think?).

I've been reading for several months (since I learned the SOCOMs won't work with the old mounts), and I still can't make up my mind… any inputs, including 100% non-scientifically subjective, will be much appreciated. Thanks!!!

26 May 2013, 13:58
If you're already invested in the older brakes such as the MB556K I would just get a legacy can like the 212. Surefire has said they are going to keep that line and support it. They are still great cans and not going anywhere, the supply looks like it has dried up because its hard to find a Surefire can in stock period. i had 2 MB556Ks on backorder for 3 months before I received them. In fact earlier this year I submitted tax stamps for both cans a 212 and a SOCOM.

On a personal note, if it took more than 6 months to payoff a new toy, I probably can't afford it.

26 May 2013, 14:06
It's great news they're keeping the line open…

That might be enough to keep me on the old track.. Anyone notice an appreciable performance with the SOCOMs?

26 May 2013, 14:37
Have you been able to try out either can? Or other brands?

26 May 2013, 15:08
Personally, I would keep what I had, and go with a legacy can. They are no less awesome now, then when they were first released.