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24 June 2007, 13:35
Weapon System: AR15/ M16

Lewis Machine and Tool (http://www.lewismachine.net/)

Magpul (http://www.magpul.com/)

Vltor (http://www.vltor.com/)

CMT/ Stag (http://www.stagarms.com/)

Item Installed: LMT SOPMOD Stock
Magpul CTR (Compact Type Restricted)
Vltor Carbine Modstock
Colt Ribbed stock
Colt early style CAR stock

Purpose of Item: The carbine stock is a housing that goes over the receiver extension (buffer tube) which allows the shooter to adjust the length of pull for comfort. Carbine stocks offer various cheekwelds depending on how they are configured, and the model used.

Stocks tend to be a highly personal item. Some people will have great appreciation of one style over another based on looks, comfort, or storage capability.

Its worth noting that there are two types of receiver extensions (buffer tubes) that come on AR15s. Military Spec tubes will fit Colt, CMT/ Stag, Vltor, LMT, and Magpul stocks. Commercial spec tubes come on Bushmaster, Olympic Arms, Rock River Arms, DPMS, and a few others. There are less options for owners of these weapons, and the commercial spec Magpul CTR is the primary choice. Ribbed stocks shown below are also an available item for people who want to get away from the older style basic carbine stock.

Tools Needed:


Items Included:

May or may not come with additional items such as a rubber butt pad or storage compartments and covers. Additional items may be optional.

24 June 2007, 13:36
Removal and Installation:

Removal of the stock is as simple as pulling directly down on the adjustment piece, then sliding the stock to the rear. Installation involves sliding the stock down until it stops, then pulling directly down, and allowing it to go forward the rest of the way.

For removal and installation of the Magpul CTR, pull directly down on the two exposed pins, located below the front of the adjustment piece.




24 June 2007, 13:36

The LMT SOPMOD stock is currently issued to members of SOCOM who are being issued equipment out of that inventory. The LMT SOPMOD looks unlike most other stocks, and was one of the first carbine stocks created that really seemed to break the mold. This stock has battery storage compartments, and also comes with a built in rubber pad. The rubber pad reduces slippage on nylon tac gear, and is a nice improvement overall.




24 June 2007, 13:36
Magpul CTR Stock/ Compact Type Restricted

Military and Commercial

Magpul created a carbine stock that was unlike anything else currently on the market. It incorporates a lock, which cams the stock against the receiver extension (buffer tube). This means your stock isn't going to wobble or feel loose. While that may not make a difference to some people, it makes a huge difference to others. Regardless of which way you feel, I don't know of anyone who is going to complain about a stock that feels "extra" solid.

The Magpul CTR comes standard with a female QD mount in place. This allows for any sling which can use standard QD mounts. These are most often found on 2 point slings, most notable is the Vickers Combat Application Sling, which is also available through Magpul.

The commercial variant of the CTR is easily identifiable due to its thicker rubber pad on the stock. This is done to enshroud the angular buffer tube which comes on some commercial receiver extensions (buffer tubes).

The standard Mil Spec CTR does not come with the rubber pad, though its something which reduces the stock sliding around on your shoulder and increases overall functionality in my book.





24 June 2007, 13:36
Vltor Carbine Modstock

The Vltor stock is available for Mil Spec receiver extensions (buffer tubes). Vltor stocks are easy to recognize with their battery storage compartments, which can be installed or removed on either side. More than just carrying batteries or other items, these compartments offer an outstanding cheekweld which often needs to be felt to be appreciated.

Vltor stocks come with a built in QD mounting point, but also include a top retaining piece, which makes it simple for the end user to go with whatever style sling they want.




24 June 2007, 13:37
Colt Ribbed Stock- Similar to CMT/ Stag ribbed stocks.

The below stock is standard issue on the military M4.




Below is a picture of an aftermarket stock. The stock on top is Colt, while the bottom is RRA. CMT/ Stag uses a milspec size, while RRA, DPMS, Bushmaser, Olympic Arms, and a few others use a commercial size instead. From the picture you can see that they are similar, but not quite the same in overall appearance. Non-Colt stocks, tend to all have a rounded section instead of the squared off portion.


24 June 2007, 13:37
Colt CAR Style Stock- Similar to CMT/ Stag stock

This basic style has been around since Colt first introduced their carbine. It started out made of aluminum, and later was changed to a plastic. Both styles are still available, with polymer variants being much more popular. This style of stock comes in both commercial and military spec sizes.




24 June 2007, 13:37
Installed Stock Pictures:




24 June 2007, 13:38
Installed Stock Pictures:



13 August 2007, 10:53

Vltor EMOD

Vltor has released an additional stock to their lineup. The EMOD Stock (Enhanced MOD Stock) is roughly an inch longer than the earlier mentioned MOD Stock. The increased length of pull should enable shooters who serve in a DMR role a little greater flexibility while still keeping an adjustable stock. The battery compartments have been lengthened to hold 4 CR123 batteries, or 3 "AA" batteries. These battery compartments serve the additional purpose of increasing the cheekweld.

Aside from the above, Vltor has added an angular rubber buttpad (with aggressive texture), an aluminum strike plate, an additional storage compartment (holds 2 more AAs), and beefed up the adjustment latch for increased durability.

This stock will be available in both commercial and MilSpec sizes.





13 August 2007, 11:03

Magpul UBR

The Magpul UBR (Utility Battle Rifle Stock) is a leap past the earlier M93 experimental stock series. The UBR comes with a proprietary tube (short entry stock style tube) and all mounting hardware. The stock is smooth with no sharp edges, and is massively reinforced for strength. The stock uses QD points for slings both front and rear. It also comes with a rubber buttpad.




10 August 2009, 08:53
Magpul Advanced Combat Stock (ACS)

The Magpul Advanced Combat Stock (ACS) is designed for weapons using a carbine receiver extension (buffer tube), and offers battery storage in the form of two AA or 3 CR123 batteries in each of the two storage tubes. The battery storage tubes extend to create a larger cheekweld for the user. In addition, there is also storage in the trapdoor, though unlike the battery storage compartments, the trapdoor storage is not waterproof (but is water resistant). The trapdoor storage area can hold a boresnake, ear plugs, small batteries, or other smaller sized items.





22 February 2010, 10:23
Vltor iMod Stock