View Full Version : Gun Guy Radio Interviews John Hwang of Rainier Arms

22 July 2013, 15:17
Gun Guy Radio (http://www.gunguyradio.com/) recently interviewed John Hwang CEO of Rainier Arms (http://www.rainierarms.com) and Defense Marketing Group (http://defensemk.com/). He shares his journey through the Firearms Industry and how Rainier Arms (http://www.rainierarms.com) came to be. Check out the interview of one of the most knowledgeable guys you'll ever meet in business.


22 July 2013, 16:20
Took my laptop into the studio (garage) and listened to the interview while taking some photos...great interview John....very inspiring and happy to have you as a friend.

John Hwang
26 July 2013, 17:41
Thanks for the kind words guys. It's because of our team. Just like our team here, you guys are amazing!