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4 August 2013, 14:51
For those that are looking for a career in the firearms industry, Daniel Defense (https://danieldefense.com/) is now hiring. It looks like they have openings in both Georgia and South Carolina. Look here for the complete list of openings (https://danieldefense.com/careers) and here to apply. (https://danieldefense.com/submit-your-resume)

Daniel Defense (https://danieldefense.com/), manufacturer of high quality AR15 style rifles and accessories, continues to grow. This growth has created opportunities in many areas of our operations in Georgia and South Carolina. If you want to work in an industry that continues to experience substantial growth, within a company where the owners know you by name, Daniel Defense wants to hear from you.

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/DD_zpsaf4e1d7d.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/DD_zpsaf4e1d7d.jpg.html)

4 August 2013, 15:28
I'm the wrong kind of Engineer. I need to find a company that needs a network engineer :(

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