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20 August 2013, 07:33
I stalked the forums for a long time reading reviews and posts about anything and everything. Searching for information to help me get back into shooting the weapon I was introduced to back in 1992. I wanted to get back into shooting and the family wanted to as well.

When it came time to get some answers I couldn't find for myself this was the board I decided to make my go to source of information. There was no elitist attitudes here. Everyone seemed helpful with all the other member. So I joined and asked my questions got answers and suggestions. From this single site I have been introduced to many products and made contact with several vendors. I jumped in with both feet sink or swim. The members, moderators, and authors here have been a life boat on this adventure. I want to thank everyone here for the support and information that has been given to myself and my wife.

From these boards I have made contact with several vendors that I will do business with over and over again. Customer service has been top notch from UCWRG, Battle Arms Development, Bravo Company MFG, Phase 5 Tactical, Palmetto Armory, Rainier Arms. Their are a few others I will be doing business with in the near future as well.

It all started with Jamie from UCWRG emailing me late one evening asking if I was still interested in a FDE Receiver Set, Jamie had a customer cancel an order and one became available. The introduction to Phase 5 was made when I had problems with finding a lever to work on my M&P 15 Magpul lower. We still email back and forth with both Jamie @ UCWRG and Kyle @ P5T. Battle Arms Development ambi selector was a must have and when the order came wrong with the lever selection they jumped right on it, fixed it faster than I thought would happen.

I have found I like building the rifles just as much as I like shooting them. Rob's advice on KISS for home defense has me leaving my S&W alone it's fine the way it is and there is very little to go wrong with the weapon if something does ever happen, the only addition to this rifle will be a light. I will for sure be building more down the road. And I know if I have any questions or if I am looking for alternatives the people hear will be able to steer me in the right direction to the right vendor or manufacturer.

Thank you all for your help, guidance, and inspiration.

20 August 2013, 23:58
Computalotapus - we are glad to have you and the other professional members around here. I for one appreciate the way that the members have kept this forum as a place to seek information, provide their honest feedback, and share ideas without the fear of being harassed or looked down upon that some of our competitors seem to flourish in. We are here for our members as much as we are for our own growth.