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28 July 2008, 10:24

Weapon System: AR15/ M16


Advanced Armament Corp (http://www.advanced-armament.com/)

Noveske Rifleworks (http://noveskerifleworks.com)

Primary Weapon Systems (http://primaryweapons.com)

Saylors Machine

Yankee Hill Machine/ YHM (http://www.yankeehillmachine.com/)

Vltor (http://www.vltor.com/)

Purpose of Item: The purpose of a flash suppressor on the AR15/ M16 platform is to reduce/ suppress the flash from the end of the barrel as the weapon is fired.

Tools Needed: Open end wrench. If timing the Flash Suppressor is recommended, a second person may be used to hold and brace the weapon, or the use of a clamp or action block may be required.

Items Included: Most Flash Suppressors will include some form of washer if one is needed. This may be a peel, or in most cases, a crush washer.

*** NOTE- The below muzzle devices are one which are owned by myself, and most have been used, dropped, knocked into things, or left laying around. The colored markings observed on some are paint, grease, dirt and who knows what. These items don't come that way from the manufacturer, this is simply what I currently have on hand. ***

28 July 2008, 10:34

After the 3 prong FS used on the early M16s, the A1 FS (commonly called a birdcage) was in use up until the M16A2 was adopted by the US Military. The A1 FS remains on the market, and is a cheap option for those people who want a FS which does not have a closed section on the bottom. This unit does not need to be timed.



28 July 2008, 10:35

The A2 FS is probably the most common muzzle device in use today. It is the issued FS on current M16/ M4s (with very few exceptions). It is a cheap and functional item, and the primary difference between it and its A1 sibling is that it has a closed bottom section to deter dust from being kicked up when shooting close to the ground.




28 July 2008, 10:35
Advanced Armament Corp. BLACKOUT



28 July 2008, 10:39
Smith Enterprises Vortex

The Vortex is machined from 8620 bar stock steel, then case-hardened to provide a tough core and hard surface for maximum strength, black-parkerized finish. 21⁄4″ long, .861″ diameter. It is Sound Suppressor capable. It is not a timed item, when it is tightened that’s where it is. The Vortex does not required the use of a lock washer.The Vortex conceals the flash essentially 99.999% - even on full auto.

Four specially angled flutes dissipate the gas but contain the unburned powder allowing increased residual burn for less visible flash. It incorporates a helix design essentially tightening itself when the weapon is fired and helps align exiting barrel gas to improve accuracy with all bullet types.

The Vortex can be permanently attached to the new 14.5″ M-4 barrels the result is a barrel with an over-all length of 16.1″.




28 July 2008, 10:46
YHM Phantom

Please note that the Phantom is available with (5C2) or without front serrations (5C1). The standard YHM Phantom is has ports which open on all sides, while the 5C1 and 5C2 have a closed section which should be timed to the bottom, this reduces dust being kicked up when firing from the prone position.

The popular Phantom Flash Suppressor has been redesigned to work as a muzzle compensator while maintaining the excellent flash hiding capabilities of its predecessor.

This 5 port design has no downward facing port which helps eliminate dust problems when shooting in the prone position. The 5C1 features a “no snag” design that allows the user to navigate rough terrain without interference.

For threaded barrels only. Includes crush washer.

Open on all sides


Closed bottom port


28 July 2008, 10:50
Primary Weapon Systems FSC556

*** While the below device is not listed as a FS by BATF, users have reported that it functions very well as a compensator, and gives roughly the same (or a tad less) reduction in flash as a USGI A2 FS.

This FSC556 Tactical Compensator has all of the compensation of the standard DNTC compensator combined with enough flash suppression to keep the flash out of your optics and line of sight.

This device has been classified as a non-flash suppressing device by the BATFE. See the document here.

This device was also designed to accommodate suppressors such as the Gemtech HALO and therefore comes with a peel washer.

This unit is 2.10" in length, .865" (22mm) in diameter and is threaded 1/2x28 RH.



28 July 2008, 11:57
Noveske KX3

Although its mentioned at the start of this thread, I think its worth stating again. This Novekse KX3 has been used quite a bit, especially in full auto firing. In particular, this one has seen heavy use on a 9.5" barrel, which is where it became discolored. The production units are nice and even colored when new, and unless you are dumping magazines on full auto, it will probably stay looking much nicer than mine.

Heat-Treated CM Construction
Phosphate Finish
7.2 ounces
1.35 inch Dia
3.28 inch OAL

The Noveske KX3 Flash Suppressor is intended for use on Short Barreled Rifles. All KX3s are individually serial numbered for quality control.



28 July 2008, 11:58
Saylors Machine Phoenix


This flash hider was designed with preservation of the night vision of the shooter as the number one priority. Night blinding from muzzle flash is very detrimental in combat situations due to the long periods between follow up shots. To reduce this effect the following things were designed into this unit.


* It has bi-directional ports cut around the perimeter to assist in the leaning of the air/fuel mixture that is required for combustion. It also has a tapered bore to help slow the escaping gas so it has more time to mix with the additional air to further reduce the air/fuel mixture even more.
* The small grooves cut around the perimeter of the ports are anti-resonance grooves that help reduce barrel vibrations, thereby stabilizing the bullet sooner in it’s flight.
* It is cut down for fitment of rifle grenades or a bayonet.
* It is 2.240″ in length so as to bring a 14.5″ rifle up to legal length with correct attachment techniques.
* The muzzle is “banded” to give it strength, stabilize rifle grenades, and to provide a snag-free muzzle for tactical situations requiring speed and mobility.



28 July 2008, 11:59
VLTOR Flash Hider

Machined from stock, heat treated, and a manganese phosphate finish. This compensator from Vltor offers the outstanding flash suppession of a prong flashhider with the additon of increased strength and durability.

The Vltor Compensator 1st Model measures 2.1″ long making it perfect to bring a 14.5″ barrel to a 16″ overall length (with addition of BATF approved pin/weld installation), it will fit most Blank Firing Attachments (BFA) and sound suppressors made to work with a M16/M4 type compensator.

28 July 2008, 12:02
Additional Flash Suppressors will be added as time permits, and as new items are gathered. Please note this thread is specific to Flash Suppressors, and not Compensators.

If a manufacturer has interest in being added to this thread, email me at stickgunner@yahoo.com.

28 April 2009, 21:08
AAC Flash Suppressor/ Suppressor QD mounts.