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11 October 2013, 02:24

This thread is for the discussion of the Grey Ghost Gear Minimalist Plate Carrier Review, located HERE (http://www.weaponevolution.com/forum/showthread.php?5255-Grey-Ghost-Gear-Minimalist-Plate-Carrier-Review&p=44689#post44689).

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15 October 2013, 23:22
I'd just picked one of these up and it's true to the name...minimalist.

Haven't gotten a chance to play with any gear attachments. But it looks like a solid winner.

6 November 2013, 18:30
Just got a set of AR500 plates from TTM. And they fit nicely in the GGG carrier. The AR500 aren't as thick as ceramic plates, so there are some minor room in the carrier, but it does hold these plates pretty steady. I like the compactness and how nice they are.

The adjustable hook-loop shoulder straps are holding nicely, considering how much weight they're holding up.

7 November 2013, 12:27
Zero7one does a nice job of pointing out the possible needs for a plate carrier like this one, and as an owner of several products from GGG, I'm sure it's made very very well.

That said, I've seen more and more of these "minimalist" plate carriers coming to market and I'd just like to say that IMHO the market for these is very, very niche. Most shooters should NOT be considering these for their needs. Especially you LEOs out there, I'd suggest looking at something more complete if you're looking for a plate carrier to deploy in an active shooter situation. Half of what I consider mandatory equipment to take into an active shooter event wouldn't fit on this rig or others I've seen.

8 November 2013, 14:19
I have not seen one in person yet, but I like it. I'm a minimalist at heart, so that only makes sense. The price is right, the size is right, and GGG cranks out some really nice quality product.

My main concern would be comfort over extended periods of time with those un-padded shoulder straps. Running and gunning with plates, loaded mags, possibly hydration on the back panel, etc. takes a toll on your shoulders and I can't imagine that those thin, cushionless straps would distribute weight enough to suffice for more than an hour or two with a full load. But, I haven't worn it so I can only speculate.

14 September 2014, 17:28
I have a pseudo-minimalist carrier now, but I don it over my concealed soft armor when I'm at work. I'd venture to guess most don't buy side plates or soft panels for your small careers with cummerbunds. Those small carriers leave your sides exposed pretty well.

If LEO, I'd say either don the small carrier over your soft armor, or get a carrier that has room for full size soft panels behind your ceramic or AR500 plates.

3 November 2014, 19:48
As mentioned before, AR500 plates can have a loose or sloppy fit since they are considerably thinner than ceramic plates. You can get a minimalist plate carrier specially designed for the AR500 plates at www.wildebuilttactical.com.

12 January 2015, 22:46
I was looking at picking one of these up, but I wold prefer it be in OD/Ranger green. When I was looking at these in Dec., they didn't have that as an option.