View Full Version : Surefire at San Mateo SWAT

13 October 2013, 10:38
I got to visit my buddies over at SMSO SWAT and had the opportunity to see what's new from Surefire. Mark from Surefire had on hand new flashlights and suppressors. I got a chance to fire a bolt action rifle and an AR with suppressors attached.
Mark explained in great details to the durability, functionality and hearing protection offered by the use of a suppressor.

I can offer my personal experience, standing behind the shooter in a hide who was firing both an AR and bolt action rifle with and without a suppressor. It's loud, very loud. For those who want to purchase a suppressor, check with local/Federal laws and current ATF application process.


5 January 2014, 08:07
Is that at Coyote Point ?