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6 August 2008, 13:57
This has been a long time coming...

This all started last year, around this time with just a stripped lower. Now, a year later and there are only a few more pieces to the puzzle. Some last minute items were the Vltor Offset Scout Mount and the American Defense Mfg. B3 mount for the ACOG. I still need to get the rest of my Magpul XTM order in also. Currently, I only have the FDE and the Black panels (so that's why it's more of a checker board pattern. I've been waiting for the Forrest and OD green panels for over a month now.) Then I need to get the Hardigg Storm case to round it all out.

Second thought...

I've thought about replacing the YHM 5C1 for a Surefire MB556AR but I'd have to drill out the pin which wouldn't be that difficult. I'm not sure if it's worth it though. The other thing is, if I do that I might have to consider having the upper converted over to a piston set-up. But then, I still like the FSB and if I ended up with a gas block, I'd have to reconsider the rail. I still migth replace the CTR with a FDE UBR when they become available as well...


CMMG Lower Receiver
RRA 2-stage NM Trigger set
KNS Gen II anti-rotation pins
14.5" LMT upper w/ pinned YHM 5C1
Daniel Defense Omega 7.0
Magpul XTM Rail Panels
Magpul CTR Stock Mil-spec w/ H Buffer
Magpul MIAD
Magpul P Mag
Tango Down Vert. Grip
Troy FDE Flip-Up BUIS
PRI Big D Latch
American Defense Mfg AD-B3 Mount
Trijicon TA31F
Vltor Offset Scout Mount
Surefire G2 LED
Gear Sector GS-2P Carbine w/ QD Push-Button Adapters

6 August 2008, 17:42
Fixed the images...

6 August 2008, 19:00
Nice selection of parts, sometimes I think I'm the only person who has broken a Troy Rear Sight (twice).

As far as XTM panels, I don't think anyone really has the off colors yet.

6 August 2008, 19:18
Great pics of a beautiful weapon!


6 August 2008, 20:38
Nice selection of parts, sometimes I think I'm the only person who has broken a Troy Rear Sight (twice).

As far as XTM panels, I don't think anyone really has the off colors yet.

This was my first AR so it could have gone in any direction. I made one rule though, don't go cheap. Ended up doing a lot of research on ARF then went to m4carbine then ended up here. Went with the LMT and Omega after seeing this pict (http://stickman.rainierarms.com/galleries/Projects/DD%20Rail/IMG_4548%201028%20WEVO%20Stick.jpg). Then I think it was this pict (http://stickman.rainierarms.com/galleries/Magpul%20II/IMG_8566%201028%20Stick.jpg) that made me want to get the 20 rnd Pmags. (Although they aren't pictured, I have a few.) Lets see then it was this (http://stickman.rainierarms.com/galleries/Magpul%20II/IMG_0511%201028%20Stick.jpg) that got me wanting the Magpul XTM's in all 4 colors. No complaints though they're all top notch! Just have to wait for two more orders from Magpul.

I was so close to getting an Aimpoint Comp M4, but then the Bravo was leaked and I wanted it. Unfortunately or fortunately, I didn't want to wait so I ended up with the TA31F instead. That brings up BUIS. I really wanted the LaRue Iron sight but that would only work if I went with the Aimpoint, so I settled on the Troy since everyone raved about them. The FDE is what sealed the deal though. The Troy's just look better finished then the others I've seen. Not that that's my primary reason for choosing them though. [BD] I was tempted to buy the PRI's though.

The GS sling was all because of the talk about Gear Sector here. I was on the fence between the padded VTAC and the Gear Sector till that thread (http://www.weaponevolution.com/forum/showthread.php?t=447).

Now, if Daniel Defense made a 9 FSP, I'd be all over it. Even thought about buying a Omega 9.0 and cutting it down. [wow]

Overall, I'm pretty happy how it came out though. I think my very first idea was to build something like a RRA Entry Tactical. I think I ended up with something a bit better athough it costs A LOT more. I've kept track of all expenditures!

6 August 2008, 20:49
Great pics of a beautiful weapon!


Thanks for the compliments on the pictures. I really need to get a better setup though. I'm using a Nikon D80 with a 18-200mm ED VRII lens and a tripod . Followed by a lot of post processing to get most of the shadows out and correct for any imperfections. This is because I'm only using natural light and have no flashes or extra flood lights right now so it's a pretty basic set up. Only downfall is if I bring up the brightness too much, I have to raise the contrast which sometimes ended up a bit too much. I need to switch over to a prime lens and add some more defused light to get the sharper images that Stick takes. (yes, I check the exif on his picts occasionally. [BD])

6 August 2008, 21:20
Nice blaster.

7 August 2008, 16:38
Took a few more picts with the smaller PMags


Took some better ones of the AD-B3 Mount as well. I'm really impressed with it.