View Full Version : WTS: DD Omega 7" rail

13 December 2013, 15:59
For sale: One DD Omega 7" Carbine length free float rail. It has a few very small scratches here and there, but overall the finish is almost like new. What looks to be a scratch on the front at the 12 o'clock is actually just the flash of the camera.

I pulled this off of a rifle that's getting another rail and don't need it anymore. All hardware is included. NOTE: the complete rail ladders are not included. I have two ladders that were cut down so I'll throw those in there, but they're not "whole."

10 January 2014, 15:04

1 February 2014, 17:57
Still have it?

2 February 2014, 13:33
Oh, crap. I sold this Thursday and forgot to update this thread. Sorry about that.

I have a second one that I'm debating selling, but won't really be able to sell for another month or so until after I'm done moving. I can hit you up if you'd like then.