View Full Version : SHOT Show 2014 - Diamondhead-USA

23 January 2014, 10:24
New for 2014, Diamondhead-USA has announced their DIAMOND Back-Up Polymer Sights and the Diamondhead “T-Brake” Muzzle Brake. These sights are built with advanced polymer/composite construction for strength, lightweight and exceptional durability. As with the DIAMOND sights, the new Polymer sights will feature the proprietary reference posts and horizon bars that includes a NiteBrite Photoluminescent Insert that requires a light source to charge prior to using. The rear sight allows you to select one of three sighting options with a small aperture for precision shooting, a large aperture for CQB/CQC shooting, and the absence of a rear aperture by selecting the flat mid-position for use with the diamond-shaped sight exteriors and photoluminescent inserts, particularly useful in low-light CQB/CQC scenarios. These sights are same plane for both apertures and are at the same exact height as factory A2 sights. The Diamondhead-USA “T-Brake”, which is triangular in shape, was designed specifically to create a greater surface area on the bottom of the brake for the gas to apply downward pressure. This premium-grade muzzle brake is machined out of 4140 steel and will be available in February 2014. For additional information visit, diamondhead-usa.com