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30 January 2014, 16:57
The Weapon Evolution Staff is please to announce that one of our long time members Jerry R is now one of our Staff members.

As we've started to grow again this past year, We've been looking for another member to contribute on a regular basis with reviews/new product listings/pictures and we've always enjoyed Jerry's contributions to the site.

It's a lot of work for little benefit, but Jerry has graciously accepted our invitation.

Jerry if you're reading this, feel free to give everyone a quick bio.

Jerry R
30 January 2014, 19:08
Thank you - I sincerely appreciate the confidence you have shown by inviting me to be a member of the team.

Relatively short bio - I'm kinda old, been around for awhile. My Dad started me in the shooting sports in the late 50's. I continued my love of firearms as a member of my high school rifle team, and in the Boy Scouts / Explorers. I enlisted in the Navy in 1965 and was commissioned in 1969. My last two tours of active duty were served at the Pentagon. My career has been in computers. I started programming in 1966 with plug-boards (don't ask) while working my way through college on the Navy's ROC program. I held an FFL for twenty-seven years, and my love for all aspects of the shooting sports continues to grow. It never ceases to amaze me just how little I know, considering how long I've been doing this. The WEVO forum has been a constant source of information and enjoyment for me. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA, and an NRA Certified Instructor in six areas.

I have a lovely wife of 45 years this June 6th, and two sons that are real men in my humble opinion. One is a LEO, the other (ex Army) owns a Security company - he is also on this forum as GriffonSec. Both also enjoy the shooting sports and are raising new shooters in their families - five Grandkids for now. I could not possibly be more proud of them.

Again, I appreciate this opportunity.

31 January 2014, 00:06
Welcome Jerry! I've been a fan of your posts here for years!

I had no idea that GriffonSec was your son.

Jerry R
31 January 2014, 06:33
Thank you Sir - yeah, he tries to keep it a secret - [:D]

31 January 2014, 19:33
Welcome to the team Jerry!

31 January 2014, 19:40
Welcome to our team, Jerry! Glad to have you aboard.

1 February 2014, 01:09
Welcome Jerry!

1 February 2014, 23:54

Did you get out of the FFL game? Did you run a shop or was it a home based FFL?

Jerry R
2 February 2014, 09:08
I was one of those evil "kitchen table" dealers. We had a friend of the family that was an ATF Agent, and he helped me through the licensing process. I tried to be meticulous in my record keeping and was complimented after every audit. When I transferred to Atlanta, I went to the county commissioner about a zoning variance for the new location. I had carefully picked a county based on millage rates, crime stats, and political demographics. Unfortunately, we had moved about a month after a school shooting. The commissioner said that normally our county would be no problem, but I would need to pay the required $350 for a zoning hearing, place a large sign in the yard for two weeks stating the nature of the business, and if one neighbor raised an objection, the variance would be denied. We live less than a mile from a school. Oh well.

I contacted the BATFE. The looked up my records and actually expressed disappointment that I was going out of business. I transferred the balance of inventory to my private collection, and sent all records to them.

They said if I ever received a variance or obtained a "store front" they would re-instate my license. I'm too old now, too much competition, and too many industry political "issues" to start over. I'm happy trying to fly under the radar now.

It was fun, but "been there, done that" and I've moved on.

Speaking only for me, but every Agent I ever dealt with was the epitome of a courteous professional. I personally never had any problems with the ATF.

John Hwang
12 February 2014, 14:31
Welcome aboard Jerry. You've been a fantastic supporter for years not only to WEVO but to the industry as a whole. We are honored to have you!