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20 February 2014, 07:56
Hey guys, got some real bad news that I am having a very hard time dealing with. I have had a bad turn in my health, I wound up in the ER a few days ago. I blacked out trying to fix a plumbing issue and woke up having a seizure in a puddle of sewage. Mrs. ZK2 got me to the ER, I guess I could die at anytime If I get excited until they fix a blood flow issue and my cracked up sternum. To top it off I fell on my hand and destroyed it.

These are the only blades I have for sale. Not sure when or of there will ever be more. Priced to move, thanks guys.

I have a Brain Breacher mod 1 for $260
http://i514.photobucket.com/albums/t347/johnleehomicide/00539.jpg (http://s514.photobucket.com/user/johnleehomicide/media/00539.jpg.html)

ZDW, $115
http://i514.photobucket.com/albums/t347/johnleehomicide/0142.jpg (http://s514.photobucket.com/user/johnleehomicide/media/0142.jpg.html)

Skinner $125
http://i514.photobucket.com/albums/t347/johnleehomicide/0282.jpg (http://s514.photobucket.com/user/johnleehomicide/media/0282.jpg.html)

25 February 2014, 08:20
Going back in for more surgery. Not sure when I'll be back making blades. I do have just the Brain Breacher Mod.1 available. Almost giving it away at $260, thanks.
http://i514.photobucket.com/albums/t347/johnleehomicide/0012-4.jpg (http://s514.photobucket.com/user/johnleehomicide/media/0012-4.jpg.html)

25 February 2014, 09:49
Good luck man. Hope everything works out ok.