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19 May 2014, 14:38
I am wondering if raffles are allowed to be posted in this forum?

I ask as I am an officer in a non-profit organization called North Texas Youth Adventures (NTYA) that is trying to raise money to help youth attend high-adventure excursions, such as Philmont, Northern Tier, Sea-base, or Alaskan Fishing Trips, or any other expedition. Many young people would love to be able to go on these types of trips, however, these experiences are typically cost-prohibitive. We as an organization want to remove the cost from the equation and let the youth attend these types of trips.

In order to raise money to benefit these youths, we are holding a 13 gun raffle selling only 1,000 tickets. We will be raffling off 1 gun per month starting in July and the final month (next June) we will raffle off two guns. The winners of each month's drawings will also be entered into the subsequent drawings, so each ticket has 13 chances of winning.

I am wondering if Weapon Evolution would allow us to post this raffle so that we can broaden our sales base as well as give the people here a chance to win.

Below is the flyer showing the guns we are raffling.


The guns are:
Glock 22 .40S&W
Remington 870 12 ga Express
Henry 30-30 lever action
S&W Governor .45 acp/.45 lc/ .410
Mossberg Tactical 12 Ga
Remington 700 CDL .243Win
Sig Sauer P226 MK25 9mm
Beretta A400 12Ga
RRA Entry Tactical .223/5.56
H&K USP 9mm
Beretta 686 20Ga O/U

H&K MK23 .45acp

I appreciate your time and if you do not wish to allow the raffle to be posted here, please delete this post.

Thank you.

Jason L. Williams

7 June 2014, 03:55
If you wish to add a link that explains how interested persons would sign up, that's fine.

16 June 2014, 11:17
Thank you Eric,

If people are interested feel free to PM me here. We also have a Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/WFNTYA). We are currently trying set up a real website and take payments through that.