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13 June 2014, 01:19
Is there enough interest here for a section for discussions on shotguns?

13 June 2014, 03:31
Sure why not

13 June 2014, 16:58
I am in the market. Not sure if i wanna go the remington 870 or mossberg 500 route. Id like a discussion.

13 June 2014, 17:31
http://img856.imageshack.us/img856/4558/kikp.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/856/kikp.jpg/)
Got me a Benelli CQB/Entry gun

13 June 2014, 23:26
Benelli tooo rich for my blood......lolol I'm a baller on a budget, so I rock a IAC Hawk 12G with ghost rings and weatherby pa-459 tactical 12g. :P

14 June 2014, 05:20
I usually run Dad's Browning A5 or the side by side Marlin. I prefer the A5.

14 June 2014, 12:02
Love my Auto 5...great waterfowl gun that I've been using for 30 years. I have an 1100 Special for birds, and a Benelli M2 for 3-gun. Shotguns are fun, but limited.


14 June 2014, 13:30
Is the Benelli worth the money over say a Mossberg 930SPX?

14 June 2014, 15:55
Is the Benelli worth the money over say a Mossberg 930SPX?

I think the M2 is, at $1100. Not sure that the M4 doesn't exceed that optimal cost-benefit ratio however. Actually, I kind of suspect that the Beretta 1301 may be the best bang-for-buck in that arena.

I don't have any real experience with the Mossberg in a 3-gun environment...I've only shot it casually. I do like the M2 quite a bit better (fast and light) relative to my needs/wants/expectations.


Jerry R
15 June 2014, 09:50
I started out as a Remington fan-boy decades ago. Can't seem to shake it. I have shot other brands, and some are awesome, some are okay. Remington seems to be somewhere between those two grades in my opinion. But mine always seem to go bang when asked. Been lucky enough not to have shot a brand that I said, "No Way" to; although I'm sure they are out there. During bird season, the 1187 or 870 will get a plug and bird barrel. Off season, they are dressed a little differently. Chamber empty, four #4 Buck in the tube, four slugs in the side-saddle, five double-ought in the butt-cuff.


Once upon a time, you got what you paid for. In today's competitive market, sometimes you pay a little extra for the branding. So, any quality firearm is "worth the money" ---------- IF you have the money !

Back to the OP's original question. I would vote for a Shotgun Section, but can't offer input as to how much interest there is. There have not been a lot of threads started in any of the WEVO forums on shotguns. That may tell the tale.

15 June 2014, 18:37
Remington has gotten me peeved lately. So much so that I sold my 870. (Wasn't the sole reason).

My favorite shotgun is the Winchester 1300, but, I worked my tail off for anyone that would pay a 13 year old to clean fence rows for an entire summer saving for a shotgun. At the end of the summer, I bought a Win 1300 with my money. Didn't even have the money for a box of shells!

For College grad, my mom bought me a Mossberg 500 that recently got a stipple job by Battle Cock (awesome work by the way). It's my bedside gun.

In the future, when I decide I want another pump, it'll probably be a Mossberg 590. Semi auto wise, not sure. Would LOVE to have a Benelli M4, but I can't justify the costs right now. Maybe after I pay off my daughter (born yesterday), I'll be able to get the M4, or a pistol can, or a Ruger No.1, or.... Well, you get the idea.

17 March 2015, 12:58
I love my M2 Tactical!

17 March 2015, 14:29
I've been thinking about a KSG lately. Shot my buddies and can't shake the desire for that little piggy

17 March 2015, 17:10
I call my Tromix built Saiga12 'Mr. Giggles' - anyone that shoots it for the first time starts giggling hysterically. Also love my Mossy Mariner 500

18 March 2015, 02:22
I call my Tromix built Saiga12 'Mr. Giggles' - anyone that shoots it for the first time starts giggling hysterically. Also love my Mossy Mariner 500

"Mr Giggles" .... Love it! That's how i feel when i shoot my Benelli M4. :P