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23 June 2014, 13:54
I'll preface this by saying that I'm not a guy who feels the need to have a ton of AR's. One AR set up for general purpose usage ranging from HD to an extended SHTF scenario is really all I feel that I NEED. My typical training sessions involve timers, lots of movement, various drills, and often shooting positions that quite frankly suck. I set up this rifle quite awhile ago to fill the requirements I felt I needed. You can read about it in the Explain your AR thread, pg. 33.


It was a pretty good rifle. Reliable, smooth, but it wasn't perfect. Turned out I didn't like the battlecomp as it actually seemed to cause downward muzzle deviation, was quite blasty, and threw the occassional fireball. Also turned out I didn't really need or want a full 13" forend as I just don't grip that far forward (It's what was in vogue though, and I had decided to try it.). Fully equiped the rifle weighed in at around 8lbs. without a mag and was noticeably muzzle heavy. The narrow KAC rear sight, combined with the ARD, also created issues acquiring the narrow front sight.

It was time to reevaluate. I wanted something lighter, better balanced, and that fully addressed the shortcomings of the rifle. I bought a Rainier arms slick side upper, and had plans for a lighter barrel. However that all went down the drain a little over a year ago and the RA upper was sold, and the project put on standby. Back around Christmas I tore down the upper and sold off the NSR, and KAC sights with plans of recycling that money back into the gun. Seeing how it was the holiday season however, that didn't happen. I've since been without a functioning AR. Then along comes the WEVO 50k giveaway and holy crap, I won an upper very close to the one I sold off(!). Between that and all the other winners posting build threads with their new prizes, it's really reignited the fire to get this done. Since this is a rebuild, it's using parts both new and used. Here's a list of the parts and the why's behind each. Parts were chosen based off quality, experience and preference, and where there was no preference or discernible "best" I chose by weight. (I'm not exactly aiming for a feather weight build, but any little place I can save weight without sacrifice, I will.)

Upper Receiver - RA Mil-Spec non-FA upper.
Why? While "Because I won it" is certainly a good reason all by itself, I had already previously selected a non-forward assist upper to begin with. I put a lot of thought into the FA, what I used it for and whether or not I needed it. The first AR I ever owned had a Spike's ST-T2 buffer in it and a Tubb CS Flatwire spring. Once with it I had to use the FA to press a round back into battery after a press check. The other time I used it was when I was shooting some cheap ammo and decided to "help" a reluctant round into the chamber. I then had to pound that casing out with a dowel rod and hammer (lesson learned). My conclusion was that if a round is reluctant to chamber, I'm not going to force it, and also anytime I've encountered any sort of abnormality during a string of fire I tend to dive straight into an IA drill and ignore the FA completely anyways. That pretty much leaves the sole purpose of a FA as a device to assist in a press check (at least for my purposes), and since I've moved to the Vltor A5 system and a Springco Green spring, I've never had a round fail to go back into battery after a press check. It occurred to me that if it DOES happen again, I could always just press the BCG forward by sticking a finger in through the ejection port. Ergo, the reason for the RA Mil-Spec non- FA upper is because I won it, I don't need the FA, and it weighs less. In going with the light weight, a V7 port door assembly will be used.


BCG: The BCG is hybridization of parts from various manufactures. The carrier is a Spike's Tactical NiB that I got as a whole BCG and used in the last rendition of this rifle. I love NiB, it's just so smooth in operation and cleans so easily. The cam pin is an LWRC Advanced Cam Pin that is also NiB. It's purpose is the eliminate cam pin drag/scarring in the upper receiver, which should also translate into smoother operation. That said, it's a problem more prevalent in piston guns and I doubt I'm gaining much of anything using it, however all my previous uppers remain unscarred from its use, and I have it so why not use it? The bolt is the Sharp's Relia-bolt. I already have a Spike's NiB bolt and a BCM as backup, so why this? Well, the price was good for a bolt with that material and coating, and since I'm not running a FA, anything that helps it slide into battery a little easier is a plus. I may even get ridiculous later and switch out the cotter pin for a KNS Perma pin.


Charging Handle - I've ran a BCM Gunfighter Mod 4 since they came out. I like them and they work great, and I would be using the one that I already have. HOWEVER, I am debating switching to a Rainier Raptor because it was Rainier who donated the upper to the giveaway, and because it would be a nice match. I've never seen or touched one in person, but I do think they look nice and don't see how I'd be disappointed. However $90 is a tough pill for me to swallow when money is tight and I already have something that works. I'm still in the air on this.

Barrel Assembly - I'm planning on a DD CHF LW 14.5" middy, pinning either a V7 or B.A.D. titanium GB. I'd probably prefer the B.A.D. but will use the V7 if the B.A.D. is not released by the time I'm ready for it. I picked that barrel because it appears to be a lighter version of their strength-to-weight profile without being a true pencil. Also the DD rifles I've handled with that barrel have had outstanding balance.

Muzzle device - The one I've come to prefer over all other is the Micor Flash Suppressor. It's certainly not what is in vogue or popular, but it is absolutely my choice over all others. On the same gun with the same ammo, it suppressed flash better than the PWS Triad prong style flash suppressor, as well as the standard A2. It holds the muzzle down I'd say probably 75-85% as well as the Rainier XTC and Battlecomp and does so without the blast or flash, though it does nothing to reduce recoil. I also noticed that on my first AR when I switched from a PWS FSC to the Micor that I gained about 1/4 MOA accuracy across the board with all types of ammo.

Forend - I really like the Troy Alpha rails and they have come to be my favorite. Oddly enough this isn't because of any one thing that specifically separates it from other options other than... the squid grip. They have just enough squish to really make you feel locked into the weapon and are just the right size to protect your hand from a hot rail. I'm planning on awaiting the release of Troy's new Revolution Rails for this build. The Revolution is carbon fiber so it shouldn't weight much at all, it has the holes cut in it the same as the Alpha's so it'll still able to accept squid grip, and it appears to be an ever so slightly smaller diameter than the Alpha's and with an octagonal profile. Really though, they had me at light and squid grippy. I'll be using an 11" version.

Lower Receiver - The lower receiver I was using I feel was damn near perfect. It's a Novekse Gen. II that I built up with the Vltor A5 system and Geissele SSA-E. I love the massive mag well as it makes hitting those fast reloads under pressure just that much easier. The lower and A5 system are both heavier than standard, but in this instance I'm gaining far more than I'm losing. Also it was a first release Noveske Gen. II lower and thus has a low serial number (cool points in my book). Lower parts will pretty much all be stripped and replaced with V7 components. I won't be saving a LOT of weight here, but it combined with the lighter barrel, GB, and forened, it all adds up. The BAD lever will also be remaining as it makes both reloads and clearing malfs faster. The grip is an Umbrella Grip 23 that I stippled. The B.A.D. A.S.S. will also be replaced with a V7 57 degree selector. I've learned that hitting a 90 degree safety in awkward shooting positions requires a break in grip that can be circumvented with a shorter throw. The V7 also has the benefit of requiring neither the lower or selector to be modified. As for the stock, I'm planning on giving the LWRC compact stock a try. If I don't like it, I'll go back to the MOE. I'll be staying with a FDE stock as it is noticeably cooler on the face when shooting out in the sun.

Here's the lower as it sits, thus far with no parts removed or new installed.


As for a light and the sights, I'm intending to the the Rosch SL-1 front sight/weapon light combination in FDE. It's lighter than any other combination I'm aware of, has a thin NM front sight post which I prefer, and doesn't take up much real estate. I'm going FDE to add just a little bit of break up and because I feel it'll have good symmetry with the FDE stock. The rear sight will probably end up being the Troy Alpha rear sight which has yet to be released, just due to weight. My ever trusty Aimpont Comp M4 will remain the optic. I like the larger 30mm tube, I like that it takes a common battery, I love it's battery life, and I love that I already have it. The LaRue mount for it though will be ditched in favor of a Bobro as it weighs an ounce less, and again, those ounces add up.

All in all it should be a pretty sweet setup. Smooth, accurate, and reliable I'm figuring (hoping) and I ought to be shaving north of a half pound from the rifle and positively re-balancing it without making any real sacrifices. I will say this will probably be about the slowest build thread going as again, money is tight and I'm awaiting the release of a few items.

I'm definitely excited to be doing this and THANKS again to WEVO and all the sponsors who donated to the giveaway!

24 June 2014, 03:12
Nice, Plenty of good parts in there, should be a good rifle.

I want to get my hands on one of those rainier Uppers still..

Little off topic..but anyways..How do you like the UWC grip? Im trying to decide on a grip for a pistol build and want a more vertical grip and have only had a K2 which i like , but not many of the other grips have a more vertical grip, but looks like the UWC does...And they only come smooth , correct? If so, then i would need old Battlecock to stipple it up for me..

EDIT: Hey UW, do you know or anyone else, are these version of the non FA uppers going yo be available again? As there not on the rainier site at the moment?

24 June 2014, 14:55
Little off topic..but anyways..How do you like the UWC grip? Im trying to decide on a grip for a pistol build and want a more vertical grip and have only had a K2 which i like , but not many of the other grips have a more vertical grip, but looks like the UWC does...And they only come smooth , correct? If so, then i would need old Battlecock to stipple it up for me..

I think they're great. I've tried every one of the magpuls, ergos, and the first 2 BCM gunfighters and I prefer the Umbrella over all of them. I kinda want to try the new wider BCM gunfighter, but honestly after stippling the Umbrella I just don't see myself moving to anything else.

25 June 2014, 02:34
I think they're great. I've tried every one of the magpuls, ergos, and the first 2 BCM gunfighters and I prefer the Umbrella over all of them. I kinda want to try the new wider BCM gunfighter, but honestly after stippling the Umbrella I just don't see myself moving to anything else.

Thanks for the reply.

Rainier or UW..do you know whats up with these RA uppers? Will there be more made?

29 June 2014, 22:41
That's a sweet build and a nice explanation of why you used what you did. Thanks, helps newer guys like me that kind of know what they want make better decisions. Well thought out. Can't wait to see the range report.

30 June 2014, 10:01
Thanks! Yeah I'm pretty excited for it. I've changed my mind on a few things, but not much. Turn's out my initial info about the optic mount weights were wrong, and I'm sticking with the LaRue mount. The Bobro only weighs a quarter ounce less, which does NOT in my book justify the 150$ change in mounts. Kinda along those lines, doing the math I figured I'd be saving about 2.55 oz. by swapping the internals and gas block to V7 parts, which was cool until I realized that's.... about the weight of 4 rounds of 5.56.

..........which seems awfully insignificant for the steep price of the parts.

So instead I'll just be getting the new parts I NEED from V7 (gas block, dust cover assembly) along with the 57 degree selector. Also I managed to snag a Rainier Raptor from DSG for about 75ish shipped. It was (still is) on sale for 69$ and they charged me tax instead of shipping. Not sure what was up with that, but even so 75$ for a Raptor is a smoking deal. The other change is the rear buis. I discovered that a rear sight that I thought had been discontinued is actually still in production. The Hahn Precision rear buis. I really liked the single stalk/aperture on the KAC, just the peep was too small to use with an ARD. Other single stalk options tended to have "pop out" small apertures or the peeps were just too large entirely. The Hahn has a .117" diameter peep, which is more or less splitting the difference between the standard small and large peeps. So I'll be going that route.

3 July 2014, 12:37
I received my Raptor today. Never having seen one in person before, my first impression was actually how big it appeared to me. I've ran a BCM Mod 4 for the past 5 years now, and the size difference is certainly there. I went ahead and lubed it up with some Slip and installed it and noticed it also had a different "feel" than the BCM as well. Not better, not worse, just different due to the thumb/forefinger charge I usually use. Stroking it a few times I noticed it DOES feel a little smoother than the BCM, and there is absolutely no way it'll ever pinch me. I've only been pinched by the BCM twice ever, so not really a BIG deal, but a bonus. I'm not a southpaw so the ambi features for me are largely superfluous. As for the looks, to me the BCM look's right, more clean, while the Raptor seems more... techno-mechanical. Again though, I've had a BCM installed for 5 years so it's what I'm used to seeing, and the Raptor's look is growing on me quickly. In the future I'll almost certainly stick to the BCM's as the additional features of the Raptor don't really net ME anything, especially for the added cost, but THIS Raptor has found a permanent home in this build.




8 September 2014, 13:13
I ended up not going with the Troy Revolution forend, much as I had anticipated to. Got tired of waiting, Troy bouncing around on times, and the fact that even with assurance, I'm still just not 100% sold on carbon fiber being a good choice for a forend. Instead I went ahead and snagged an 11" Centurion CMR which showed up over the weekend.

I'm not convinced I'll ever buy another Troy Alpha.

This was my first time to ever handle a CMR, and it's serious. Weighs about the same as the Alpha, but is much more slender and robust. I was a little disappointed that mine showed up garfed up on the inner diameter up front, but I touched it up with a Sharpie (eventually I'll get a touch up pen) and now it's mentally invisible. I also got the FDE accessory pack which is a screaming deal for everything you get, turns out though I'm probably just going to use the panels. But those panels... the reason I loved the Troy Alpha forends was largely due to the feel of the squid grip. There's just not much out there that really gives you the feel of a solid locked in grip, as so many covers and panels are either smooth or have so little texturing that they may as well BE smooth. Not so with the CMR panels. The simonich texture has outstanding traction and the panels themselves add very little to the circumference of the forend. They give me that solid locked in feel I've been vying for.

As for the rest of the accessory pack, I may eventually use one of the rails to try out a Fortis Shift Shorty on the bottom but that's probably the only other thing I'd be likely to use. Positioning of accessories is somewhat limited on the CMR, so the provided handstop would be too far forward for me to use as anything other than a barricade support, which it may or may not see use as. As for the Scout Light Mount that was included, I won't be using it. Kinda sad as it's stupid light, but I'd have to trim back a panel to attach it, and even just playing around with it, it's way too far aft and requires a pretty radical shift backwards in grip for activation. At least in the shorter 11" version I got. If I want to use my mini scout, I'm going to need a different mount. Something offset and cantilevered forward that would still clear a front sight, and preferably be QD. I had planned originally on getting a Rosch SL-1 but after talking to some other knowledgeable folks decided not to. This isn't going to be a home defense gun so, in my mind at least, it doesn't always need to be wearing a light. I just need the capacity to mount one for shooting at night or for if the S ever really does HTF. I like the idea of mounting an x300 at the 12:00, but I've already got a perfectly good mini scout so I'd either have to trade it out, or buy a new light and leave the mini sitting as an expensive unused paper weight. The other thing with the Rosch is I can't switch out the front sight post, and I'm planning on trying out the Blitzkrieg chevron FSP.

Anyways, I went ahead and mocked up the gun with an existing barrel. Also found a BCM dust cover assembly and a black spring for it in my spare parts so I went ahead and installed those as well.




The barrel isn't the one that will be used. I'm going to go with one of the BCM Enhanced Light Weight barrels which out to be a huge step towards achieving the weight and balance that I'm after. I'm getting closer though! All that's left are the sights, a gas block, and the muzzle device. I'm still planning on using the Micor FS, but I finally decided against using a V7 titanium gas block, even with it's weight savings. 1/2 the thermal coefficient of steel, I don't like the idea my barrel and gas block expanding and contracting at different rates. That sounds like fractures waiting to happen, and I wonder how it would affect bullets/ballistics with a potential tighter spot in the bore after things have heated up. That said I don't actually KNOW that I'd have any of those issues as multiple google searches failed to yield results. So if anyone actually knows better please chime in, I'd love to know one way or another.

Still, I REALLY like where this is going. [:D]

9 September 2014, 11:36
She is a beauty. I can't wait to see the BCM LW Enhanced barrels. You going with a lighterweight optic?

9 September 2014, 15:38
She is a beauty. I can't wait to see the BCM LW Enhanced barrels. You going with a lighterweight optic?

Thanks! I'm neither Stickman nor UWone77 and have naught but a camera phone so I appreciate you excusing the bad pics.

As for the optic, I debated it when I started the rebuild but no I'm not planning on changing it. I like the 30mm tubes and the M4 is the toughest red dot on the planet. Plus I already own it.

9 September 2014, 16:11
Plus I already own it.

Use what you have replace it when it doesn't work anymore. I like your thinking.

19 October 2014, 07:08
Update on this, after having had a couple good paychecks and expecting one more this month, I threw down to get everything I'll need to get this finished sans BUIS. I've got the BCM EWL fluted barrel in hand already, and a Fathom bcg that I may have gotten a little carried away with (I'll elaborate when I put up pics of everything) and coming I've got the Micor Flash Surpressor, a V7 .625 Ti Ionbond gas block, a set of B.A.D. E.P.S. and... I preordered a Lantac UAR upper.

I'm a sucker for anything that makes a rifle run smoother, and it's always been a side goal to make my ARs run as smoothly as possible and they totally played my fiddle on that one. The Rainier Upper is going on a build for my wife, as she's been eyeballing it ever since it showed up.

I'll post again with pics and why's when everything starts rolling in next week.

19 October 2014, 07:25
That's a sweat build.

19 October 2014, 08:47
What did you end up doing with the BCM charging handle?

19 October 2014, 08:59
Very nice write up for a very nice gun. I love my Comp M4s, its my favorite red dot of them all.

19 October 2014, 09:08
Thanks guys, I'm super eager to get this done.

What did you end up doing with the BCM charging handle?

A buddy of mine wanted it and offered me like new price for it, along with a trade for a standard CH. So I did that.

19 October 2014, 10:11
Can't wait to send the end state. So hows the Raptor so far? Anything else to add about it?

19 October 2014, 10:20
Can't wait to send the end state. So hows the Raptor so far? Anything else to add about it?

It's grown on me. A lot actually. Still don't know that I'd pay the premium over a BCM again unless it was on good sale, but the latch has become even smoother since it's been lubed and will say I think it's the superior charging handle. Not necessarily because it functions any better, but just because it IS smoother.

19 October 2014, 10:58
When I buy another ambi charging handle it will have to be the LWRC. The one that came on my SPR had nice paddles that were almost the perfect size. It also had some monster roll pins, was incredibly robust, and was so smooth you would've thought it was on ball bearings.

19 October 2014, 12:51
Interesting read. Lot's of parts I couldn't put in one since they're too pricey for me and I don't make much... however, looks like you're doing a good job. Make sure you get your wife's rifle with that Ranier upper done right quick even if your rifle has to be patient for a month or so. Otherwise, you may get a few curious stares as to why HERS isn't done!!! that may not be a good thing [:)]

How do you like the extended bolt catch? I won the Gunstruction Build it Win it competition and I have one on that build. I'm looking forward to trying it out when the rifle is finally completed and sent to me.

19 October 2014, 14:56
Interesting read. Lot's of parts I couldn't put in one since they're too pricey for me and I don't make much... however, looks like you're doing a good job. Make sure you get your wife's rifle with that Ranier upper done right quick even if your rifle has to be patient for a month or so. Otherwise, you may get a few curious stares as to why HERS isn't done!!! that may not be a good thing [:)]

How do you like the extended bolt catch? I won the Gunstruction Build it Win it competition and I have one on that build. I'm looking forward to trying it out when the rifle is finally completed and sent to me.

Ha, yeah well it helps that I already had the lower done, and the cost for the upper has been fairly spread out up until recently (and now I'm sweating because I've spent so much off this last paycheck!) Only reason I was able to is because I get three checks this month instead of two, and the first two were larger than normal.

As for the wifes rifle, its on the back burner. She's not really a shooter (yet, hopefully) and with a 1 and a 4 year old its hard to find a sitter anyways. I've also got another build in the works that's higher priority, a thank you gift AR I'm building for another guy. I'm hoping to have the wifes done maybe first quarter next year. I'm going to do a build thread on it too once I've got a few more parts for it.

27 October 2014, 14:08
Little late on the update but here it is, along with some pics.

Last week I got the B.A.D. E.P.S. as well as the V7 Titanium gas block. There was a bit of a hiccup with the micor FS and it has yet to be fully resolved, but more on that later.

The E.P.S.

Pretty sure I didn't actually need this, but here's why I got them. I intend to run an accu-wedge on this build, despite the fact that I've historically been against their usage. Every AR I've handled has been something of a PITA to take down with an accu-wedge installed, and that's why the E.P.S.

To make take-down easier with the use of an accu-wedge. Little longer - easier to push out, little gnarlier - easier to grip and pull out. Why the accu-wedge? Partly just to eliminate play. Partly because I know a guy who has been shooting high power since well before I was born who swears by them. I usually take such advice with a substantial grain of salt, but accuracy is his game and I DID watch him squeeze 1/4 MOA accuracy out of a PSA/FN barrel with his hand loads. So, will it help me hit a dime on a fence post using my Independence M193 ammo out of my 1/7 twist barrel using an Aimpoint with a 2 MOA dot? Hell no, but it can't hurt. The pins themselves are certainly nice, with machining WELL above and beyond what you would expect for a lowly set of take-down pins. The magnet assisted installation is also rather nifty.



The V7 titanium gas block was something I flip-flopped quite a bit on. I was worried about possible stress fractures on the gas block from the different rates of expansion between it and the barrel, and finally I just decided to call up V7 and ask. I talked to Joel about it for awhile (this is the second time I've spoke with him on the phone, and he's always SUPER friendly and eager to talk about whatever issue or question you may have). He reminded me that there is SOME play between the GB and the barrel as it's not an exact 1 to 1 fit, so as it heats up it initially just becomes tighter. Beyond that the Ti has just enough 'stretch' that fractures should never be an issue. He went on to explain because of how it tightens up as it gets hot, it creates an even better gas seal and that thus far every one they have removed has shown no sign of gas leakage. Backing up to my concern about possible stress fractures, he mentioned how popular lightweight components are becoming in the world of competition and that none have had any issues, even the ones that have been used on guns with full auto lowers. He even told me if I was ok waiting a few weeks that I could get one in Ionbond instead of cerakote, which I did. When I got it in hand... yeah, it was light. Like... gas tube light. Also the walls are the appropriate thickness as it isn't just a .750 blank with a smaller hole, which is also good as the CMR forend I've got isn't compatable with a good portion of low profile gas blocks out there.


-and here it is next to a Troy .750


I also promised pics of the Fathom BCG, here it is MOSTLY as I'm going to run it.


I say mostly because when my Lantac upper comes in, the Smoothcam Cam Pin will be installed. Also, that is obviously not the Fathom bolt. That's the Sharps Relia-bolt mentioned earlier in the thread, which I must say looks bad ass paired with the Fathom Carrier. You can kind of see where some material was milled down to form something of a set of ski's. The idea being A) less bearing surface should equal less friction and B) a place for particulate to go to stay out of the way. You can see them better in this pic. Again, I apologize that I'm not UWone77


I also added a couple other things, such as a KNS Perma Pin and a VooDoo 'Lifecoat' *cough cough* melonite *cough cough* firing pin. I got the VooDoo firing pin because at this point I just thought it'd be cool have be running a full melonite carrier group and I wanted a spare firing pin anyways. The Perma pin was likewise, I wanted a spare cotter pin and didn't know the VooDoo firing pin came with one. I did NOT know I'd have to push the Perma Pin out from the back everytime I wanted to remove it (as it sits flush with the carrier) but whatever. No big deal.



So, backing up to the flash suppressor. The Micor. I've been a huge fan of them ever since I first shot one, and even more so since I've shot more and more other devices. However, I appear to be S.O.L. I ordered one (the extended version), and when I didn't see any movement on my order I emailed them. The abbreviated version of that email would be... "Oh yeah, we don't have those in stock and forgot to update the website. Also we don't have anymore in cue and are not really sure if or when more will be made, but we'll put you on a notification list and give you your money back." A day later I got an email from a lady who wanted me to call her with me card info so they could credit it back to my account. I conversed with her and gave her the required info, and received a receipt in my email... but nothing in my account. I gave it not quite a week, assuming perhaps it just needed time to post. Still nothing. When I called her back today to address the issue, she said it was a weird situation as it should have hit my account that first day and they show the funds as having been transferred. She got off the phone with me to call the bank. 2 hours later, still nothing so I called back again. She told me to call back tomorrow if it doesn't hit my account today. SO... here's hoping.

But I still need a muzzle device, and I'm SUPER picky about devices. I've started eyeballing the new Precision Armament EFAB as pictures, and more importantly reviews, are showing it to be pretty much exactly what I want. I bought a Battlecomp on the promise of reduced blast and improved muzzle control at A2 "like" levels of flash. That's what I wanted, it's not what I got. I DID get reduced blast, along with a dipping muzzle deviation and flash that while certainly better than something like a Surefire brake, was just as certainly NOT comparable to an A2. Pictures on Precision Armaments webpage demonstrates blast using M193 out of a 14.5" barrel and shows the EFAB to be very similar to and A2 in regards to flash, and so far early users are saying that's accurate, while reporting a neutral muzzle and reduced recoil (though not reduced to pure brake levels). So at least for now the EFAB is the pick, but it'll likely be the last part I get while I continue to monitor reviews in advent of my Lantac upper.

28 October 2014, 06:35
That Fathom BCG looks good. Interested to see how long that bolt lasts. I know a few others here are running those bolts.

28 October 2014, 08:18
That Fathom BCG looks good. Interested to see how long that bolt lasts.

Me too, especially after just reading Usbp's comment in the relia-bolt thread.

9 March 2015, 13:50
I've been MIA from WEVO for awhile, but got this done a few months ago.



9 March 2015, 15:43
Still looks good! The Rainier Non-FA upper looks like it matches well with the Noveske Lower. How does she shoot?

Glad you're back from your MIA status.

9 March 2015, 16:37
Shoots awesome! Locks back on the last round even held away from the shoulder, and the chevron FSP rocks. It's actually had me going back and forth between the Aimpoint and just running the irons. the thing I'm really in love with though is the EFAB. It's flatter shooting than the battlecomp I used to run, and had less flash than an extended A2 I shot against it at night. The A2 was mounted on another 14.5" AR that was running the same ammo (IMI M193).

Nice and light, well balanced, smooth shooting, flat muzzle with near no flash signature... what's not to love?

9 March 2015, 18:31
Great job, it really looks killer.

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