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23 September 2008, 13:59
I'm looking for a new project and pretty much have my sights set on a piston system. I have found a supplier for HK 416 components. Just wondering if anyone has experience with the components and their fit in anything other than a HK upper. I've used a 10.5 416 so I know it pretty well from an operator standpoint, just wondering if anyone has ever heard of someone retro-fitting another mfgr's upper to use it.


PS here is the supplier, if anyone has any info on them as well...



23 September 2008, 15:55
Adam at/of HKParts is good to go. He has helped me BIGTIME with lots of HK stuff when I got into C3.

Kattman from Michigan

23 September 2008, 16:22
awsome thanks!

23 September 2008, 18:19
HK 416 Bolt Carrier Group Complete $695 Nothing like HK pricing. :eek:
At least it would appear there is a parts source other than going directly through HK. They have been less than stellar in the past.

24 September 2008, 06:57
Yea they really like to push the profit margin. Truth be told half the allure of the project is seeing if I can make the thing work. Done several Impingement systems, just need something challenging. (hopefully not too challenging!)

24 September 2008, 20:52
YOWZA $$$$$$$$$