View Full Version : Lantac 7.62 / .308 Brake and Drakon Brake for AK47

15 July 2014, 11:32
Introducing the New LanTac 7.62 / .308 caliber Muzzle Brake and Drakon Brake for AK47 rifles.
With its unique Patent Pending design the LanTac Dragon delivers hugely efficient recoil and muzzle rise control.

Our new video features three7.62 rifles in 7.62X51mm (.308), 7.62X39mm (Russian Short) & 7.62X35mm (300 Blackout) calibers being shot semi and full auto.

No Rigs or Jigs were used in the filming of this video, the only thing holding the rifle was the shooter.

Ammunition used:
7.62X51mm (.308) PPU 145Gr FMJ
7.62X39 (Russian Short) PPU 123Gr FMJ
7.62X35mm (300 Blackout) Hornady 208Gr A-MAX (300 Whisper)
Together with Handloaded 220Gr SMK, 9.8 Grains H110 powder.

Full Rifle Specs:
7.62X51mm (.308)
DPMS 16'' Barrel AP4 Rifle.
Samson Manufacturing 15'' AR10 Evo Handguard.
Magpul PRS Stock.
Magpul 20Rnd 20LR PMAG.
Magpul MOE+ Grip.
LANTAC DGN762B Muzzle Brake.
Elcan Specter 1.5-6X DR Scope.
Trijicon RMR 06 45 degree backup red dot sight.
Troy Front and Rear Folding Battle Sights.
Harris 6-9 Swivel Bipod.
LaRue LT130 Bipod Mount.
Battle Arms Ambi Selector.

7.62X39mm (Russian Short)
East German stamped select fire receiver 13'' Barrel.
LANTAC DGNAK47B Drakon Brake.
Magpul AK Grip.
Krebs Custom Quad Rail.
Parabellum Armament dust cover rail.
Troy micro front and full size rear Battle Sights.
Surfire X300 Weaponlight with XT07 tape switch.
ACE Folding Stock System.
Magpul CTR Stock and Riser.
Trijicon SRS 01 Red Dot Sight.
Standard 30Rnd AK Magazine.

7.62X35mm (300 Blackout)
LanTac Select Fire Battle Raven with 7.5'' Barrel and match chamber.
LANTAC DGN762B Dragon Muzzle Brake
LanTac 7'' Freefloat Handguard
Troy Front & Rear Battle Sights.
Vortex Viper PST 1-4 Sight in Vortex QD Mount.
Magpul MOE+ Grip.
Magpul CTR Stock.
Surefire M720V RAID Weaponlight.
Magpul AFG foregrip.
Battle Arms Development Ambi Selector.

Condor Troops Direct Cap.
MSA Sordin Electronic Ear Defenders (Basic Model).
ESS 5B Ballistic Glasses.
Condor Summit Softshell Jacket.
FrogLube & Troops Direct Patches.
Mechanix M-Pact Tan Gloves.
Crye Precision Multicam Pants.
Bates Delta 9 Desert Tan Boots with ICS.

All rifles have been pre-treated with FrogLube and FrogLube CLP is the only cleaner lubricant we recommend.