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6 August 2014, 09:13
Manufacturer: Aero Precision (http://aeroprecisionusa.com/combo-sets/m4e1-upper-receiver-and-handguard.html)

Item to be Installed: Aero Precision M4E1 Enhanced Upper & Handguard (http://aeroprecisionusa.com/combo-sets/m4e1-upper-receiver-and-handguard.html)

Purpose of item: Forged from 7075 T6 aluminum, this upper receiver is precision-machined to our M4E1 specifications and features M4 feedramps and handguard mounting platform.

Parts used for this Receiver Build:

Aero Precision 14.5" Barrel
Aero Precision Gas Block
Aero Precision Enhanced Upper
Aero Precision 13" Quad Railed Handguard
Aero Precision Bolt Carrier Group
LanTac Dragon Brake
Fortis Manufacturing Hammer

Tools Needed:

Action Block
Included Barrel Nut Wrench
Included Torx Screws
AR15 Armorers Tool
Torque Wrench
Torx Wrench

Before starting any installation or work on your AR15 platform, please make sure you follow the basic safety rules and clear your weapon of any magazine and ammunition. Double check to ensure your weapon is safe.

Once you open up your package, you'll see your Upper Receiver and Handguards. You'll notice Aero Precision already installed the dust cover and forward assist, thus you will not have to purchase a separate upper parts kit. With the other accessories, it'll look something like this:

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2139_zps7f511ebd.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2139_zps7f511ebd.jpg.html)

Since this is a new upper receiver group build, I used some aero shell 33ms grease from Umbrella Weapons Research Group.

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2151_zpsd312061e.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2151_zpsd312061e.jpg.html)

Apply liberally on the barrel extension as well as the threads on the barrel nut.

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2150_zpsb3a0f482.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2150_zpsb3a0f482.jpg.html)
http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2153_zpsae4b8393.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2153_zpsae4b8393.jpg.html)

Insert the barrel into the upper receiver as you would normally, making sure the index pin is centered.

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2152_zps57b993e7.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2152_zps57b993e7.jpg.html)

Once your barrel is inserted into the upper receiver, place the barrel nut over the barrel and into the upper receiver. Then start threading it, until hand tight.

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2154_zps1cd39842.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2154_zps1cd39842.jpg.html)

Then grab your barrel nut wrench and a torque wrench.

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2160_zps0097c52f.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2160_zps0097c52f.jpg.html)

I set my torque wrench to 55ft-lbs. Now obviously, you'll want to use your vice and block to do any work on the upper receiver. The following is for demonstration purposes only and you should never attempt to install or use a torque wrench without a vice and block.

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2161_zps205061c9.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2161_zps205061c9.jpg.html)

Next, you'll need to install your gas block and gas tube. For this, I was able to use Geissele Automatics Gas Block Pin Punch Set (http://geissele.com/gas-block-pin-punch-set.html)

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2155_zps10c757d4.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2155_zps10c757d4.jpg.html)

The best part of this set is that Geissele provides a starter punch that is 1/16, which is not common in the commercial market. This makes starting the roll pin for the gas block a breeze.

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2156_zps777290a4.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2156_zps777290a4.jpg.html)

Geissele (http://geissele.com/gas-block-pin-punch-set.html) also provides a 1/16 punch which not only makes installing the rest of the pin a breeze, but also extends through the entire gas block, making the removal of an old pin very easy as well.

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2157_zpse8d24114.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2157_zpse8d24114.jpg.html)

Once you get the pin started, use your punches to finish installing the gas block pin, and you're almost there.

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2158_zpsd1f39693.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2158_zpsd1f39693.jpg.html)
http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2162_zps38717cd3.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2162_zps38717cd3.jpg.html)

Slide the gas block over the barrel and the gas block into the upper receiver. Tighten the 2 set screws on the gas block. Visually check your gas tube and block alignment.

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2163_zpse1a40cef.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2163_zpse1a40cef.jpg.html)

Once that's done, slide the handguard over the barrel.

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2164_zpsede00ce5.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2164_zpsede00ce5.jpg.html)

Start installing the 8 torx screws into the corresponding openings.

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2165_zps397f0c7e.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2165_zps397f0c7e.jpg.html)

Install your Bolt Carrier Group, Charging Handle, and muzzle device. For me, I had to wait a week for the LanTac Dragon to be pinned to the barrel for a legal 16" OAL

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2167_zpse8368580.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2167_zpse8368580.jpg.html)

Here's the completed upper:

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2168_zps69143a40.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2168_zps69143a40.jpg.html)


http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2169_zpsc3aafd04.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2169_zpsc3aafd04.jpg.html)

Function test and make sure your upper is running correctly.

Jerry R
6 August 2014, 11:44
Great detail info - and a nice stick. The VFG is a little unusual. Do you like it? Seems like a stupid question, it wouldn't be there if you didn't, but ..............

6 August 2014, 12:00
Great detail info - and a nice stick. The VFG is a little unusual. Do you like it? Seems like a stupid question, it wouldn't be there if you didn't, but ..............

You know Jerry, I know the Fortis looks a little goofy, but if you shoot thumb over, or thumb over to the side like I do, it surprising works very well. If you'd like, I have one for you to T&E [:D]

Jerry R
6 August 2014, 14:18
Would love to try one out - thanks !