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13 August 2014, 19:20
I went ahead and purchased the lower for my SBR build. Tax Stamp in progress... Build specs look to be the following:


RA 45 degree forged lower
Geissele SD-E Trigger
BADASS Short Throw Safety
Minimalist stock
VLTOR A5 Buffer System
LPK minus FCG
Odin or RA extended mag release
Possibly a Battery Assist Lever since my NTD lower won't fit one
Magpul K2 Grip
RA Trigger Guard


I'm undecided. Either a Noveske 10.5 SB with a surefire flash hider or a BCM KMR Upper.

I've always wanted a Noveske upper, and I feel that since I have a suppressor in the waits, it will make more sense to go this route. This is definitely a part by part build, and more out of enjoyment of building than anything else, so I wouldn't mind putting the extra 700 or so in a noveske.

13 August 2014, 19:27
SBR and Suppressor? Double stampin' it huh? That's awesome! I've thrown the SBR idea around quite a bit. Hope to see some pics of your build soon.

13 August 2014, 19:40
The Phase 5 and Tactical Link may work with the NTD.

14 August 2014, 00:31
I've seen where people have made the tactical link work, but I ended up putting a seekins bolt catch on it. so that would be a waste since its the only billet set i plan on doing. Furthermore, my upper is a spikes billet, so I doubt the Tacticallink would fit.

14 August 2014, 17:51
The Minimalist Stock may work better with the KMR upper. If you go with the 10.5 Switchblock, it's pretty front heavy, and you may want to go with a full stock. Especially when you have a can on it.

Working on a 10.5" Switchblock upper right now actually.

Noveske Gen III SBR Lower submitted [:D]

16 August 2014, 14:34
That's a good point. I'll definitely keep in mind about the weight. My current 14.5 is just barely balanced right with the MFT and VLTOR A5 in the back, however, I have a CMR 12 and a BCM lightweight barrel. I'm not against other stocks, but I am also not against buying a few extra accessories to figure out what works best. I might invest in an ACS-L, which has had my eye for a while.