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14 August 2014, 02:47
Well this has been a slow build, had a few snags along the way ,that made ME decide to change direction.So started over and parts are slowly trickling in, and a BIG thanks to a few members for helping out along the way..

So past that, built my first AR and have been hooked since, have a few 16" and 18" rifles and decided to do the pistol thing.

I am a huge Rainier Arms junkie, awesome stuff, killer service and they are somewhat local.... I have many of their parts on each one of my rifles, but this build will have mostly RA parts..Will update better in the next day or few, had a rough few weeks and things have slowly started to look up ,atleast for now...[BD]

So Going with a 10.5" 556 pistol build..thought about the 300 BO for this build, but decided , that will be the next one..LOL...Will update with pics and more info shortly....[:D]...

Just so you cant say i did'nt start a build thread without any pics.....


14 August 2014, 05:47
Yeah, I know that feeling. Bought my first AR (leo buddy built) and decided to build one myself just to say I did. Well, it hasn't stopped since, my wallet has, however. Lololol

You're gonna love the pistol!!!

14 August 2014, 18:47
That force rail is awesome! You'll love it!

This also sounds like me. My first was a complete bushmaster 16", HBAR, paid $400 for it. Then I got a stripped spikes lower which I then put a complete 14.5" spikes upper on. Then I decided I needed .300blk for deer so I built a 16" noveske barreled blackout. Then I wasn't happy with those so I built a 18" Rainier/seekins precision build. Then I decided screw it, I need a pistol, and that's my current project.

25 August 2014, 04:39
You got some nice goodies there. Looking forward to seeing it all together.

26 August 2014, 04:52
This is gonna be a sweet looking build
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26 August 2014, 15:42
Well build is slightly delayed...literally..Got my first ever "delay" ....So waiting..

That explains why you were bent the other day. [:D]

4 September 2014, 04:24
Are you going to use the RA trigger guard? Man an RA build is going to look sweet.
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4 September 2014, 09:22
I've got a similiar build going like mustang, but I'm just a little more ahead. He'll probably finish before me, as I need to put this one on the back burner. I did get a set of Titanium BAD EPS.

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/IMG_2296_zps99a1dad6.jpg (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/IMG_2296_zps99a1dad6.jpg.html)

5 September 2014, 08:19
This thing is gonna be killer.

7 September 2014, 08:32
Lower is done for now, just need to give everything a good frog lubing and decide what to do for sights or a red dot of some sort. I thru the PRO on it last nite and it seems like it adds a lot of weight. So not sure what to do yet..I do have a set of DD fixed sights..or look at maybe a sparc 2 or maybe a used PA micro to get by for now..Not sure..Any input..?

Also...Just a heads up for anyone using this lower. I was playing around last nite, and just decided to see if a Tactical Link EBAL would fit/work....No..the angle of the bolt catch just goes to far, making the other end of the ebal hit the lower before its all the way thru its motion..

Just my .02, but I've been running a Vortex Sparc for 4 years and I love it. If you're not using this gun in a situation that you need the convenience of the aimpoint always being on, I would look into the sparc 2. They are quality, budget friendly optics, and vortex warranty is one of the best IMO.

7 September 2014, 19:51
Sweet build. The RA FH looks really long though. I'm interested to see your thoughts on it after you shoot it.

8 September 2014, 08:51
Is there a pic of the whole gun? She seems sweet...

8 September 2014, 19:31
haha.....ya just got it all buttoned up last nite and didnt grab any today

Without a picture this post was like being told you are getting ice cream and it turns out to just be flavored ice.... pic pic pic pic

9 September 2014, 17:54
This one came out like crap, but gives you a more visual of the whole gun


9 September 2014, 19:21
Mmmmm pistol goodness. I like it.
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9 September 2014, 19:29
Nice. What was the draw to the fixed DD sights?

9 September 2014, 20:56
I plan to go blast a few rounds and get the DD fixed sights on target, hopefully by the end of the week.

Let us know how that goes, I'm curious about that FS.

16 September 2014, 03:52
As of right now this is how the build played out

Rainier arms -
- Adac lower
- 10.5" select barrel with RA pinned gas block - carbine -
- Flash hider
- 9" Force rail

Fortis Upper receiver, end plate and hammer Charging handle in "black teflon"
DD fixed sights - for now
Bad safety and EPS pins
ALG QMS trigger

Some things will change- as im awaiting the RA BAD levers, and need a light and red dot....

16 September 2014, 05:01
Well im glad everything is running smoothly now. So you think the issue was the BCG?
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16 September 2014, 20:43
It turned out awesome mustang. My wife really wants me to start a pistol build for her

25 September 2014, 19:35
I'm liking the RA parts, especially like the ambi charging handle.

23 March 2015, 02:35
No more pistola...uuum boat sunk as i was seling a few things off it..lol...a franken build to be completed soon in another thread ..maybe...