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13 September 2014, 11:51
I had the opportunity to hangout with one of the international SWAT teams attending Urban Shield 2014 in California. I had the honor of meeting up with the Korean Coast Guard SSAT, Sea Special Attack Team, their mission is maritime interdiction. There are approximately 100 police officers in the unit, stationed in five sectors throughout Korea. To be considered for a SSAT officer, all candidates are former Korea military and from the Special Forces community.

On a side note, the team leader was the only English speaker, whereas the rest of the team members spoke and understood some English. There were translators assigned to them from the Alameda County Sheriff's Department, Oakland Police Department and San Francisco Police Department. Needless to say, when confronting badguy roll players, everyone understood the universal language of get the &*%# down & hands up.

SSAT officers are trained in maritime & land operations, boarding vessels, search & arrest warrant services, maritime recovery and supporting other agencies and units in the law enforcement/military community. Urban Shield tested their tactics, skills, & endurance over a 48 hour period. Here are some of the photos I took of the unit. I appreciated their friendship and support.


Airplane assault

Vehicle assault

Armored vehicle support

Badguys, sims rounds were used for the training exercise.

Maritime assault.

Building assault.

13 September 2014, 19:58
Fabulous pics! It must have been quite an experience.

13 September 2014, 20:00
That looks like a whole lot of fun.

13 September 2014, 23:22
Nice pictures...thanks for sharing.

15 September 2014, 16:20
I was beat trying to stay up 36 + hrs. If that wasn't bad enough, I was physically trying to keep pace with these guys that were running full speed with their gear on. The SSAT officers were excellent shooters, even with SIMS rds. They surprised a few roll players with their accuracy and from the distance they shot from. For those who have shot SIMS rds know their limitations. For those who shoot paintball or airsoft you know what I mean.

There were 30+ agencies in the event, top spot went to SFPD SWAT, a full time unit. Runner up was Travis County Sheriff's Depart SWAT (Austin TX). Top sniper shooter was from my buddy's agency San Mateo Sheriff's Depart. The deputy won a $10,000 rifle. For other LEO agencies thinking about attending this event , easy answer, go. For those looking to volunteer, easy answer, do it. It's an experience you'll never forget. Be safe.